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Sassy, classy and kick a$$y Marketing Muse with a passion for living life well. I help solopreneurs build they online brand with grace and ease. My book on wellness proves that Education Beats Medication Click Here for a sneak peek. Stay tuned and connect if you're ready to start living your bliss online & off!

Pus In Milk…mmm Does A Body Good!

By Dani Walker

After much research I am certain that I have been drinking puss for 35 years!  Just watch Food Inc. How much pus in milk?  1-1.5 million white blood cells (that means pus to a non-biologist) in every milliliter to be exact & there are 3785ml in 1 gallon.  That means the USDA allows 3.78 – 5.67 BILLION […]

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Oxycholesterol May Be Killing You

By Dani Walker

cholesterol connection

Stop & THINK: Our diets have changed.  We no longer prepare meals at home with whole ingredients.  We go out, eat fried foods or buy pre-made “fake” food, as I call it from our local grocery store.  Our children don’t even know what REAL food is anymore.  All the lines have crossed & we consider […]

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