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Quit Smoking & Lose Weight Too Please enjoy this post by my cousin Robby who has quit smoking and lost weight!  Two challenging things to accomplish.  I am so proud of him. This is my story, I hope it inspires you to quit smoking and lose weight too.  I wrote it and haven’t written in [...]

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key to success is failure

Why The Key To Success Is Failure As I get ready to go on an all expense paid 5 day vacation with my husband (Tell you all about it when I get back!) I am looking back at every accomplishment that got me here & realizing how the key to success is failure. I have [...]

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sarcoidosis natural treatment

Sarcoidosis Celebrities I did a google search today for Sarcoidosis and the words “Sarcoidosis Celebrities” came up & to my dismay…Jack Walker (my handsome hubby) was not listed as one.  Now those of us familiar with Sarc know that Reggie White, Bernie Mac, Tisha Campbell, Karen Duffy and many other famous celebrities have or had [...]

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suzanne somers

Suzanne Somers…A Bombshell? In her new book, Bombshell, Suzanne Somers writes all about how to redefine aging. Even though I admire her for speaking out about natural vs pharmaceutical, I wonder if she got a large amount of money to “be a fan” of TA-65?  She writes all about this natural supplement in her new [...]

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sarcoidosis in remission

Today, May 9th 2012 my husband celebrates 3 years in remission with Sarcoidosis! His Sarcoidosis is in remission.  Not a single flare up, no cough, no pain, no MEDS, no side effects from meds…I am blessed, blessed, blessed as I type this post the tears of joy are falling. Jack was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in [...]

Why Am I So Fat?


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recipes for fighting obesity

I consider every pound of fat lost a success!  How about you? Many people ask me: Why am I so fat? They say “I’ve tried everything but I am still fat! No matter what I do I still can’t lose the weight & keep it off.” I ask… Why is it that we wait until [...]

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reverse aging naturally

How To Reverse Aging Naturally That’s right…no need for Botox, tummy tucks & face lifts any more & if you take TS-X you may no longer need glasses, hearing aids & hair dye! Science is proving how to reverse aging naturally and stay young for centuries. This may sound to good to be true but [...]