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nutrient depletion caused

Nutrient Depletion Caused By Drugs You Take: When taking pharmaceutical drugs we most often worry about the numerous & dangerous side effects but we also need to know the nutrient depletion caused on by these drugs.  Yet any consideration of side effects or nutrient depletion is secondary to a pharmaceutical drugs main purpose. In other words they [...]

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21 day sugar detox

Stop Craving Sugar Detox For Health Are you addicted to sugar?  Do you constantly crave sweets?  Do you think it is possible to actually stop craving sugar forever with a healthy detox? Ok, you all know that I am a total foodie!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking real food for real people.  It was my [...]

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sarcoidosis natural treatment

Surviving Sarcoidosis Treatment – Against All Odds Hello!  This is Dani and today I am so thrilled to announce that our book about natural Sarcoidosis treatment is finally finished!!!  After 4 months of hiding behind a computer screen we finally have a book covering EVERYTHING we wish we knew before we first heard the word [...]

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sarcoidosis cure

Sarcoidosis Healing Alternatives Today I am elated to announce that Jack & I have been invited to speak at this years Sarcoidosis Network Conference at OHSU in Portland OR!  I about fell off my chair when they called and asked little ole’ us to come speak before Drs and Sarcoidosis specialists.  I guess all my [...]

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phthalate free cosmetics

Find Phthalates Free Cosmetics Products Thank goodness some companies have the same health concerns as we consumers!  I finally found a company making phthalates free cosmetics and personal care products that actually work and work WELL!  I really do love 100% Pure! Phthalates (pronounced “thah-lates”) are chemical plasticizers that have been widely used since the [...]

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the great fraud

The Great Fraud & Ethical Consumerism The fact that there is little ethical consumerism is the great fraud of America.  Up until 4 years ago I thought I was such an ethical consumer but I soon realized this great fraud is being perpetrated on us all. We are marketed to, lied to and cheated into [...]

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telomere support supplements

 Natural Remedies For Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) Two years ago Carol was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS.  In January of 2012 she started using these natural remedies for Lou Gehrig’s disease and below you can read as well as listen to her share her amazing results. What is Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)? Amyotrophic lateral [...]