How To Set Up Your Website In 24 Minutes Or Less!

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No matter what you do…own it. The first step to a successful online business is establishing a REAL, Long lasting presence. Many people build a site on Wix, SquarSpace or Weebly. Don’t take this shortcut. It WILL cost you in the long run. Take this course and learn how to build your OWN online real estate, rather than rent a space from someone else. (P.S. Both cost the same but owning comes with so many more benefits!)

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The easiest way to build your presence in today's virtual world is to start a blog! Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to buy a domain, get hosting, install Wordpress & set up your site.  

Bonus Tools, Tips & Techniques

You will have a solid foundation for creating your OWN blissness & you will continue to receive additional tips, techniques and marketing tidbits to help your have much more success with less stress!  I also ask every BLISS blogger (i.e. YOU) to share their blog on my social media so I can help promote your biz too!  

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