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suzanne somers

Suzanne Somers…A Bombshell? In her new book, Bombshell, Suzanne Somers writes all about how to redefine aging. Even though I admire her for speaking out about natural vs pharmaceutical, I wonder if she got a large amount of money to “be a fan” of TA-65?  She writes all about this natural supplement in her new […]

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reverse aging naturally

How To Reverse Aging Naturally That’s right…no need for Botox, tummy tucks & face lifts any more & if you take TS-X you may no longer need glasses, hearing aids & hair dye! Science is proving how to reverse aging naturally and stay young for centuries. This may sound to good to be true but […]

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telomere lengthening supplement

Stop Aging Now Telomere Supplement Stop Aging Now:  Jack and I have been taking 3 powerful liquid supplements referred to at the Triangle Of Life for 2 1/2 yrs so neither of us thought we would have such marvelous results TS-X, a natural telomere supplement. We have been pleasantly surprised yet again with SISEL International’s […]

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telomere supplements

Anti-Aging With Telomere Supplements The Importance Of Telomeres… Scientific breakthroughs used to create a new Telomere Support Supplement called TS-X. I had never heard of telomeres but understood that every cell has a “cell life.”  Telomeres are the structural units on the tips of chromosomes/DNA.  They are necessary to create new cells.  At birth there […]