Fucoidan & Cancer | Naturally Treat Leukemia

By Dani Walker

Fucoidan & Cancer: Leukemia

fucoidan and leukemia

Cycling Through Leukemia

13 months ago I was diagnosed with a form of leukemia that strikes over 15,000 Americans yearly. At the time of my diagnosis my energy level had plummeted from the level of an elite athlete to that of an individual who could hardly stay awake for more than a few hours at a time.

Two months into my illness you mentioned that you had a couple products that may help with my condition. Having been in the medical industry for over 25 years I was skeptical about the claims of a natural product that had not gone through the same clinical trials that I am accustomed too but I was desperate for some help.

I took a leap of faith and began using the supplements you recommended. Since this time I have found several studies that support the use of your products in the treatment of cancers like mine but I consider the success I experienced more validation in their efficacy than any clinical trial.

Since beginning these products my cancer cells have almost disappeared and my energy level is above my wildest dreams. Just last month I placed 3rd in a 170 mile bike race and I am only a few points out of first place for the entire cycling season. Words alone cannot express my appreciation that you cared enough about me to share something that would impact my life the way it did.


SISEL Triangle Of Life Supplements

SISEL Spectramaxx

SpectraMaxx 74 trace minerals, 40 super foods & fulvic acid

FYI: Scott is taking the Triangle of life supplements Eternity, FuCoyDon & SpectraMaxx 1/2 to 1 oz. of each every morning.  These are whole food, super saturated supplements with over 5000 peer reviewed clinical studies supporting the ingredients and their ability to help diseases like cancer, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders & more.

The actives in these supplements are Resveratrol & Fucoidan as well as

SISEL resveratrol

Eternity – liquid trans Resveratrol, Quercetin, Cathechins & Polyphenols

many other efficacious vitamins and minerals.

SISEL's Fucoydon

Fucoidan and Resveratrol are both highly effective natural nutrients tested and proven to be anti-cancer, anti-tumor agents.

To get more information about these Triangle Of Life suppelments, contact me directly at dani@daniwalker.com or call & let’s put a stop to cancer forever.

Your wellness advocate,

Dani Walker


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