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By Dani Walker

Stop Aging Now Telomere Supplement

stop agingStop Aging Now:  Jack and I have been taking 3 powerful liquid supplements referred to at the Triangle Of Life for 2 1/2 yrs so neither of us thought we would have such marvelous results TS-X, a natural telomere supplement.

We have been pleasantly surprised yet again with SISEL International’s formulations.  Just 30 days ago we both started taking 1 capsule a day of TS-X telomere supplement and thought it would take 3-6 months before we really noticed any improvements.  Well, I write today to share our many results in just 30 days.

 Stop Aging NOW with TS-X Telomere Supplement Results:

Week 1:  Jack and I both noticed an increase in energy and started commenting on how great we felt.

Week 2: The energy continued as well as the clarity an stamina.  I, Dani, started to think I may be losing a few pounds but was not sure.  I was experiencing some “flushing” effects and more regularity.  Jack at this point was certain his energy and stamina had increased.  He rides his road bike 30 miles 3-4 times a week and his mph increased by 1 mile per hour, which for him was quite impressive!

Week 3: Telomere supplement support has been exceptional.  At this point I, Dani, resolved not to go a day without TS-X (Telomere Support Xtreme) because I was feeling so GREAT!  My mental mood had become outstanding.  Jack was commenting on the weight loss & started to see some improvements in his skin.  I know these results sound to good to be true in such a short time but it just speaks volumes to the scientific formulation of this Stop Aging Now Telomere Supplement.

Week 4:  We are currently in week 4 and wondering how awesome the results will be after 3 months. Over the past 4 weeks we our energy, stamina, clarity, mood, skin have improved.  We have both lost weight even though neither of us has changed our daily routine other than adding the TS-X.  I will keep posting my results and the results of others as well.

Telomere Supplement To Stop Aging Now

telomere lengthening supplement

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Nobel Prize Winning Science – The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine was awarded jointly to Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider, and Jack W. Szostak for their discoveries into cell division and into how chromosomes can be copied without degradation. The key was found in maintaining healthy telomeres, the protective ends of chromosomes, by reigniting the growth of telomerase, the enzyme that forms them. Certain astragalus molecules have been found to contribute to telomere growth, effectively reversing the aging process.

The astragalus root contains cycloastragenols and astragalosides, two powerful molecules that have been implicated in activating telomerase enzyme production. Research suggests that large doses of these molecules have the potential to not only prevent telomere depletion but to actually rebuild the telomere that has already been lost.

TS-X is a combination of two enormously powerful telomere support ingredients:
1. Astragalosides in approx. 30% greater concentration (considered the “a” grade of telomere support ingredients. SISEL takes 3 tons of Astragalus root to make 2.3 pounds of active extract – super concentration.
2. Bacopasides in a 50% greater concentration (considered the “b” grade ingredient for telomere support.
3. Fortified with a massive array of complex antioxidants, designed to protect telomeres from the hotspot degradation caused by free radicals oxidizers.

If you are familiar with the other telomere support supplements on the market you know that Product B only contains Bacopa and TA-65 is $219 for one bottle & only contains astragalus.

TS-X contains both key actives in highly concentrated extracts & costs as little at $93 a bottle.  If you are looking for a product to stop aging now, look no further than TS-X telomere supplement.

Once you become a satisfied customer come back and post your results here!


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