30 years of Psoriasis – GONE

By Dani Walker

90 days later

Before taking Eternity

Scott, started taking Eternity & listen to what happened for him…  


By the way, this audio was recorded on a conference call in March 2009.   As Jack & I walked past his restaurant in July 2010 he stopped to “show & tell” even more results.  He serves his customers in a short sleeve shirt for the first time ever!  You should also know that he chose to supplement his diet with 1/2 oz. of Eternity every day & is no longer using FuCoyDon.   The active ingredients in Eternity; liquid trans resveratrol, quercetin, catechins & polyphenols make this super saturated formula VERY effective for autoimmune disorders like psoriasis!      

The key to building long term relationships with clients – the product you have MUST work.  Scott is NOT a distributor with SISEL but due to his product success refers many clients our way!      

I can’t imagine living a lifetime in hiding due to a skin disorder.  We have frequented his restaurant over the past 10 years and never did I know he had psoriasis!  Once I found out (after he had success with Eternity) I realized he was always in a long sleeve, button up shirt every day, even in 100 degree weather.       

It is time to take our lives back!  Live quality, happy & healthy days!  If you know someone with Psoriasis & want to help – have them contact me dani@daniwalker.com  or call 541-263-0641      

To your health,      

Dani Walker      


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