40 Year Old Grandma

By Dani Walker

A Grandma At 40

Life is short! I’m 40 and just became a Grandma and YES I’m very excited!  I remember how becoming a Mother changed my life in an instant and felt the same when I first held my grandson, witnessed the love in the eyes of his parents as they soaked up his every essence!  What a moment to cherish.

All I could think about is how can I spend as much time with this little man as possible?  Our kids grew up so fast and even though I’ve been able to build a home based business and have time to be present in their lives, it still went too quick & a home based business takes just as much work and TIME as a 9-5 job!  Often times more if you build international teams.

So what is life all about?  How do we live our bliss, have more fun, less stress, more freedom? Make memories and cherish moments?

This Grandma Says More Fun Less Stress!

More fun less stressThis is my new mantra…more FUN less stress. Thus I posted this picture upside down…why not!? Wink,wink

I still believe Education Beats Medication and always will but this new chapter in my life has brought an acute attention to time freedom that I just can’t explain in words.

I want to be able to go when I want, where I want and take my kids and grand kids with me (if they want to go)!  Ultimately I want freedom and that is one constant in all my 40 years but the paths I’ve chose to obtain that “freedom” in the past has been extremely taxing and time consuming.  Choosing to focus on helping people get well means working with sick people and educating them of the many options they have outside of Western medicine.

I’ve covered that base by creating my Education Beats Medication total wellness series and feel EVERY person, sick and well, should know this information!  Knowledge is power & prevention is key to living a FREEDOM lifestyle.

But this Grandma thing has me ready to do FUN stuff that allows me to work less with more success.  Hang with all my boys and grandson, be the cool Nana. Sounds pretty great to me, how about you?

This new chapter in my life is going to hold me accountable to asking myself this 1 question “Is this going to bring me more fun & less stress?” If yes, then continue, if no, stop, if maybe, consider until I have a yes or no.

So what does this mean for you? The person who found this site because you were suffering with chronic illness or maybe you follow me to get more tips on how to build your home based business & brand.

If you are here to live well physically, get my total wellness series and save yourself a ton of precious TIME.  It’s $1000’s of dollars worth of expert wellness education from holistic practitioners for $27 bucks.

If you are here to figure out how to better market and promote your business, product, etc. online and build your bliss…I’ll be sharing much more on exactly HOW to do just that in my coming posts and videos so be sure to check back. You can find more info right now by clicking BYOB.

If you are open to home based business, affiliate marketing & looking for a fun and global opportunity to promote, I will be sharing reviews of a few of the companies I’ve currently consulted with and worked with which I feel are great for those who want to live a freedom lifestyle and have more fun with less stress.

Other than that, you’ll probably see a few posts here and there about my new found joy of being a grandparent!

As always, live life well and BYOB-build your own bliss!



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