How To Set Up Your Website In 24 Minutes Or Less!

Some charge hundreds for what I am going to show you in this FREE tutorial!

Why This Course is So Great...

It's FREE & Fundamental!

Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing right and this course starts you off RIGHT for FREE!

This Online Real Estate Is All YOURS!

No matter what you do…own it. The first step to a successful online business is establishing a REAL, Long lasting presence. Many people build a site on Wix, SquarSpace or Weebly. Don’t take this shortcut. It WILL cost you in the long run. Take this course and learn how to build your OWN online real estate, rather than rent a space from someone else. (P.S. Both cost the same but owning comes with so many more benefits!)

No Technical Expertise Needed!

The easiest way to build your presence in today's virtual world is to start a blog! Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to buy a domain, get hosting, install Wordpress & set up your site.  

Bonus Tools, Tips & Techniques

You will have a solid foundation for creating your OWN blissness & you will continue to receive additional tips, techniques and marketing tidbits to help your have much more success with less stress!  I also ask every BLISS blogger (i.e. YOU) to share their blog on my social media so I can help promote your biz too!  

Business BLISS Awaits!

Not Quite Ready Yet? 

If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or burdened by any part of marketing your business, below are just a few of the areas which I assist entrepreneurs like yourself in moving forward in a big way so don't be afraid to reach out.  

Not Sure Of Your Niche?

Choosing Your Niche: I can’t stress this enough…knowing your niche, doing some research on your demographic, how engaged your audience is and where they hang out is IMPERATIVE! I call this process Buckshot To Laser.

In my years as a marketing consultant (Muse), I find that 90% of entrepreneurs want to appeal to EVERYONE and this will only lead to a losing business. Laser target the right niche and you will succeed rapidly…it’s that simple.

Much like having a blank canvas and trying to decide what to paint, most people find that making this choice is the HARDEST part in building their BLISS. I certainly did and my niche has expanded over the years.  Yours will too. That's part of life, we learn, grow, share & expand again & again. 

In less than 1 hour we can specify your target market, strategize on the best way to reach them, find you a great, keyword specific domain name and set you on the best path for launching your online biz!

FYI: This is one of my FAVORITE processes to guide people through and the most important step in taking your business to the net level. Not a typo. 

BEFORE you schedule a session: Make a list of these: hobbies, life experience (work, parenting, illness, marriage, etc), topic you love to learn about, problem you are always trying to solve.  Having this will help us get the most out of our time together.

Need More Traffic, Sales & Results? Don't Worry, We Got THIS!

So you have a blog with no traffic, you have a passion, a product or a service and you want to share it with the world but you have no idea how to build an online “cult like” following, which I prefer to call "a Tribe". Much better word to represent your peeps, right!

No Traffic? This is 1 MAJOR reason to schedule an hour coaching session. You will learn more in 1 hour about online marketing and all the pieces needed to succeed than you will in a year of hunting and pecking, PROMISE. 

Building your BLISS is all about promoting and promoting online is much different than traditional newspaper & radio adds or hanging flyers around town. Outside of adding consistent & relevant content to your website/blog (your online real estate) you will need to focus on 3 key social media channels: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat etc. etc.  

Using at least 3 of these social media sites properly will increase traffic, leads, sales & success!

If you are asking any of these questions let's schedule a session.

  • What is relevant content and how often do I have to post?
  • Which channels are best for my biz?
  • What should I post on social media and when?
  • How can I automate posts son my blog & social media to save time & increase engagement?
  • What content should I add to my site to keep people coming back for more & sharing with their friends?

BEFORE you schedule a session: Make a list of the social media sites your have now, the forums, groups, communities you are active in, & if you have a brick & mortar biz or physical product, any local community associations you are involved with & why. Having this will help us get the most out of our time together.

From Buckshot To Laser Focus w/ Marketing Muse, Dani Walker.

SEO I Don't Know?

Just a little about me, Dani, I started online with my Dani Walker blog in 2009. I bought a $97 online course on “how to start a blog” and spent my nights after the kids were in bed, going through every video step by step until my blog was set up.

Then the real work began. The blood, sweat & tears of trying to figure out how to write a post, a page, how to do keyword research…the concept of “content is king” & consistently creating content is queen (that’s the Muse in me talking)! Creating a site that was SEO-Search Engine Optimized, with analytics, domain authority, alexa ranking, backlinks, etc etc etc blah blah blah was exhausting & expensive but I DID IT!

Many a countless nights were spent googling “How to this" and “How to that" and you sit here now, reading this info because I figured out “How to”. I've built numerous sites for clients but my specialty is SEO. 12 sites of my own, all generate traffic, leads & sales for FREE.  This site gets 15,000 organic hits a month with NO advertising! Why, because I know SEO - how to do keyword research and write for google and people both, it's VERY valuable skill set. I know 15,000 organic hits a month is not much but wouldn’t you want 15,000 customers walking through your store without paying a dime in advertising!?

SEO is my specialty & I charge handsomely for this training.  WHY? Because I give you ALL my secrets.  Not trying to hide anything and when you implement this strategy, you will create a flood of traffic, and sales on autopilot. BLISS!

I will show you exactly how to write, what keywords to target and how to generate loads of traffic for years to come without paying for advertising & if you want to ice the cake, then allow me to show you how to double the traffic for less than $20 a month in advertising too. 

Don't Have TIME for DIY? Great!

Networking has lead me to some of the best of the best in social media, online content, web design, computer security and so much more!

If you are short on time but have the cash, we can set up your entire platform for you

  • Website & Blog Set Up
  • Email Campaign & Sales Funnel Set Up
  • 3 Professional Social Media Sites
  • 30 days coaching on how to leverage your Platform & build your BLISS.

You can leave a message at the number above & we will schedule a free 30 minute session to find out if I'm the right fit to be your Marketing Muse!