How To Set Up Your Website In 24 Minutes Or Less!

Some charge hundreds for what I am going to show you in this FREE tutorial!

How To Set Up Your Website In 24 Minutes Or Less!

FREE & Fundamental!

Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing right and this course starts you off RIGHT for FREE!

This Online Real Estate Is All YOURS!

No matter what you do…own it. The first step to a successful online business is establishing a REAL, Long lasting presence. Many people build a site on Wix, SquarSpace or Weebly. Don’t take this shortcut. It WILL cost you in the long run. Take this course and learn how to build your OWN online real estate, rather than rent a space from someone else. (P.S. Both cost the same but owning comes with so many more benefits!)

No Technical Expertise Needed!

The easiest way to build your presence in today's virtual world is to start a blog! Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step how to buy a domain, get hosting, install Wordpress & set up your site.  

Not Sure Of Your Niche?

Choosing Your Niche: I can’t stress this enough…knowing your niche, doing some research on your demographic, how engaged your audience is and where they hang out is IMPERATIVE! I call this process Buckshot To Laser.

In my years as a marketing consultant (Muse), I find that 90% of entrepreneurs want to appeal to EVERYONE and this will only lead to a losing business. Laser target the right niche and you will succeed rapidly. Add some automation to the mix and BOOM…it’s that simple.

BEFORE you schedule a session: Make a list of these: hobbies, life experience (work, parenting, illness, marriage, etc), topic you love to learn about, problem you are always trying to solve.  Having this will help us get the most out of our time together.

Need More Traffic, Sales & Results? Don't Worry, We Got THIS!

No Traffic? This is 1 MAJOR reason to schedule a session. Traffic is my jam! So many web developers don't know SEO. You pay a small fortune for a "responsive" site, they "optimize" is for search engines and then give it to you. NOW WHAT? 

Building your BLISS is all about promoting and promoting online is much different than traditional newspaper & radio adds or hanging flyers around town. Outside of adding consistent & relevant content to your website/blog (your online real estate) you will need to focus on 3 key social media channels: Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, TikTok etc.  

No TIME for DIY? Let Me Remove The Burden. Hire Me To Do It For You.

  • Sales Funnel Set Up
  • Fully Optimized and Responsive Website & Blog Creation
  • Ongoing SEO & Google Business Listing Setup/Management
  • Email CMS setup, Automation sequences

Schedule A Consult & Let's See How I Can Help You Make The Shift
From Buckshot To Laser Focus.