DNA Test For Health: Future Of Nutrition

By Dani Walker

Everyone is talking about DNA test for health, weight loss, nutrition, aging etc. DNA Test kits were actually one of the most popular gifts given this past Christmas! It makes perfect sense that we would perform a DNA test to determine exactly what nutrients we need on a daily basis to help us live healthy active lives. WHY NOT?

dna test for health

Why keep guessing what your body needs and how much or what form you should take it when you can simply swab your cheek and get a test done that tells you EXACTLY what, how much, what form and when to take it.

Best DNA Test For Health

A few months ago I had my massage therapist asked me what supplements I take daily. I gave my list and admitted that I didn’t know if I should take more, less etc. but I looked at it as a daily dose of prevention.

It sparked a conversation about supplementing in general and blind vs DNA designer nutrition. I immediately started researching DNA test for health and found a ton of options but after taking a closer look at their privacy policies and the terms their clients were agreeing to, I found only one I was willing to give my precious DNA to.

DNA Testing Lab I Chose:

  • The lab is CLIA certified & HIPPA compliant which ads an extra layer of anonymity and confidentiality.
  • Tests 18 SNP’s (A Single Nucleotide Poly- morphism – the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a substitution of a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide.)
  • Provides a 35 page in depth yet easy to understand report which shares what nutrients your body absorbs well, needs more of, what sources to get them etc.
  • They then take all of that information and taylor make your very own whole food, no-GMO, gluten free, plant based supplement with exactly what nutrients your DNA shows you need to sustain health.

When I found this lab and company I was elated. The DNA test was $99 and to get my own specialized supplement delivered to my door monthly is only $159. It may sound like a lot but I’ve spent far more than that on a monthly basis and still wonder if I’m taking what I need. This takes all the guess work out and gives me peace of mind, as well as the ability to clean out my supplement cupboard.

They also have a cool referral program. If you refer 4 customers who order monthly then you get your designer supplement for free every month! 
best dna test for health

As I age I want to simplify and ensure my future. No more guessing, just knowing. I just got my customized nutrition created specifically for my unique body today and will be sharing updates on whether or not I feel a difference taking it over the next 90 days.

To get more information about the best DNA testĀ forĀ healthand how they make your specific supplement click Best DNA Test

Your DNA holds the blueprint to how your body responds to the world.

  • Take a nutritional supplement as unique as you
  • Custom designed for you
  • Inspired by your DNA

**I feel it very important to note that I did 3 months of research and even after ordering the kit, it sat on my desk for 5 weeks while I continued my quest for knowledge. The wellness advocate in me could not go blindly. I called my smartest Drs and genetics professor friends and they all admitted that some companies will take advantage of the info and that’s just the risk we take in giving our DNA. They also pointed out that this is a huge advancement in wellness, DNA testing has been used for years and can offer so many personal benefits. Literally KNOWING without question what your body needs, what genetic markers you have and how you can help them or hinder them. After weighing the risk vs reward…I obviously chose to swab my cheek, send in my DNA and get my results & specialized supplement.


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