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firefan live sports appFor all you sports fans who love the game, this new live sports app called FireFan could really evolve your experience. The FireFan Sports app has many professional athletes talking about it and ready to engage live with their fans! Will you be one of them?

Most of us sit on a couch or stand and yell at a TV while watching the game but now with the FireFan app we can actually engage live with the game and with each other!  Check out this quick video.

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I’m always looking for ways to connect with my kids and not compete for “FaceTime”. This new app will allow us to play a fun game together doing something all my boys love, watching and playing sports. I’m certain I won’t beat them but it will be fun to try & it’s free to download and free to play.

If you register using the link above you get exclusive player benefits & we can all see how we stack up against other fans, friends, pro athletes and some pretty famous sports celebrities too!

Live FireFan Sports App Is Not Gambling

firefan live sports appfirefan live sports appThis is a family friendly live sports app. It’s legal in every state and is not gambling.

So, how big of a baller can you become with this FireFan sports app? Challenge your friends and others in the ultimate social sports game while watching the biggest games each week.

Before long, you’ll be dominating the leaderboard & making sure everyone knows it.  The more loyalty points you earn the cooler the rewards are too. This is another first…FireFan players will actually be able to redeem their points for rewards like shirts, hats, gear, electronics, even tickets to games!

When I told my son about the rewards he could redeem and the fact that he could even play WITH pro athletes that he LOVES, he was all about it! How cool would it be to go to the big game and when people asked you how you got your tickets, you could say, I played a live sports app with my friends!

So you know we’ll be playing FireFan when it launches. If you’d like to check it out and join us in a game or two, be sure to click live sport app and register to get exclusive player rewards & join us for our game day challenge with the pros.

Oh, I almost forgot, the app will cover all major sports like American football, baseball, basketball, soccer (real football), boxing, cricket, rugby & table tennis.  Yes, table tennis has over 2 billion global fans, who knew!?

So even if you are only a social fan who watches a few games now and then, this game is for you. I was actually telling a fantasy football friend about it and he decided NOT to join his league this year to play FireFan! Can’t wait to hear what he thinks.

So go register and gear up to get in the game with this live sports app; FireFan. It’s free, family friendly and fun!

Last week I told you that I would be sharing some cool new technologies coming out and this app is just one of them. I’ll be sharing more marketing technologies next week and getting back to my usual posts but wanted to share a live sports app that may bring your family some fun and enjoyment.

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Play FireFan

When you play, let me know what you think by posting a quick comment here or catch me on Facebook.



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