Natural Remedy & Alternative Medicine For Sarcoidosis

By Dani Walker

Alternative Medicine For Sarcoidosis

Alternative medicine for Sarcoidosis: an autoimmune disease in which swelling (inflammation) occurs in the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, or other tissues.

May 06 08'

November 17 09'

Jack was diagnosed with Lymphatic Sarcoidosis in 2004. His lymph nodes under his chin started swelling. First they removed his tonsils because they thought that his chronic bronchitis may be helped by the procedure.  While he was in surgery, they also removed 2 lymph nodes from his neck to biopsy.  He then went through what most with Sarcoidosis do, blood panels, lots of poking, prodding, cat scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds, respiratory testing… Lymphoma, AIDS, Arthritis, rare blood diseases & more were all ruled out and in June of 04’ Sarcoidosis was the official diagnosis.

After 3 years, 3 specialists, MRI, cat scans, endoscopy’s, biopsies & prednisone in very high doses his lymph nodes in his neck & mediastinum continued to swell.

Last visit to his ear, nose & throat Dr. left him with little hope. He was told that his lymph nodes under his chin had become fibrocystic & would only go away if removed with a very risky surgery that the plastic surgeon did not feel comfortable performing.  At this time, the 3 specialists agreed (amazing, they agreed on something) the prednisone was not working and they wanted to start him on Lipitor to help with the high cholesterol (a common side effect of prednisone).  He refused and we started seeking a alternative medicine for Sarcoidosis.

After weaning himself off prednisone (took about 6 months to do) we started researching alternative medicine options.  Jack went to a holistic Dr., acupuncturists, did Chinese herbal remedies, massage, wellness formula, tried Xango, 5 system cleanses, acid alkaline diet, eat right for you blood type regimen, elimination diets & none seemed to work.  After 1 year he was still 50 lbs over weight (as seen in May 08’ picture) & his lymph nodes were exactly the same size, he was tired, sore, aching, got vertigo a lot, low energy, colds etc. etc.  In November of 08′ he started taking a liquid antioxidant that helped his symptoms for about 3 mo.  As often happens the product was reformulated and stopped being effective, sending us searching, yet again.

A Natural Remedy For Sarcoidosis

Through more research Jack started taking FuCoyDon & Spectramaxx (1/2 oz a day of each) in May 09′.  It took about 6 months and the group of lymph nodes the size of a golf ball under his chin were back to normal.  His joint pain, constant body aching, low energy & vertigo went away. He was able to start riding his mountain bike, rafting the rivers & even go on walks with Dani again!

Note:  In July, the manufacturer of these liquid nutritionals, SISEL, introduced a new triangle of livingproduct called Eternity, a resveratrol, quercetin & catechin formula & Jack added that to his arsenal as well.  Taking a 1/2oz. daily.

The impact these natural supplements have made on our lives is amazing but there are so many more people having life changing results as well.  Jack & I are so blessed to be a part of sharing & educating a wonderful community of people who want to take wellness into their own hands & learn how to prevent disease as well as improve the lives of others.

We invite you to go to Come Learn With Me and join the movement to stay informed & share in creating a better tomorrow for our future, today!  This is our weekly podcast that covers important health issues as well as allowing those suffering a voice to speak & be heard!  If you would like to be a guest on the show please contact me & be sure to subscribe to the 7 steps to optimal health to get more information on ways to help your body stay healthy and prevent disease.

To our Health,

Dani Walker

Please note that just because these liquid nutritionals worked for Jack’s Sarcoidosis does not mean they will work for all – we are all different. As usual this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  blah, blah, blah (my own emphasis)

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elizabeth kidd

hi my sister kerrie is now in her 4th yr of having sarcoidosis, today is the worse ive seen it took her to the e r the pain she was having brought me to tears and i dont cry she could hardly move….the doctor we had actually knew of it, surprisingly not all do..said very important to manage her pain how she eats stress level and her depression. right now she has our niece and her 3 small children living with her, before that it was me they were with back and forth the stress of this is a factor right, weather, just seems everything is a factor, is the no cure not enough awareness of the awful monster she is so far from who she used to be, its like a silent killer no one in my family i think has really taken this as serious as it should be i guilty as well, until today. to see her in so much pain was heart wrenching what should we do different?
thanks elizabeth kc mo


    Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear about your sister. If we could talk, I would be happy to see if I can help offer some hope to you and her both. I will email you with my number. In the mean time, make sure she gets plenty of rest. Eats lots of organic fruits and veggies. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon to her water. Have her take a 15 minute long hot bath with some lavendar oil and epsom salt. Talk soon, Dani

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