Why resveratrol capsules are a waste of money!

By Dani Walker

Why capsule resveratrol is a waste of your money: 

First of all, every scientific study published on pubmed.gov used liquid trans resveratrol in high concentration, NOT powder resveratrol.

1.  There are now studies showing absolutely no resveratrol taken internally from a capsule even made it into the blood system and from there into the cells.  It was totally undetectable.

2.  Degraded resveratrol is now a different form (chemical molecule) that does absolutely nothing in the human body. Once in the human body any resveratrol that might be present would be instantly attacked in the digestive system and most likely destroyed. If any active resveratrol happened to get into the blood system the liver would destroy about 50% or more by changing it from the trans to the cis (inert) form.

To illustrate: even a capsule might have as much as 300-500 mg of resveratrol added to it when formulated, it does not even slightly mean that there is any left that is active and effective once processed.

3.  The Encapsulating process destroys the active trans resveratrol. Encapsulation requires heat, light & oxygen: all enemies of resveratrol.  This high powered antioxidant is extremely reactive and requires a low light, nitrogen blanket process, suspended in an ionic solution to protect efficacy.

4.  Heat Destroys Resveratrol Quickly! The high level of sustained heat used in making and sterilizing the powder formula decomposes resveratrol almost immediately.

5. Oxygen Destroys Resveratrol Instantly! Resveratrol oxidizes instantly in the air. Just like cutting an apple or a potato in half and leaving it out in the air causes it to brown/discolor quickly, this is the result of oxidation from the air. This happens with Resveratrol in just a second or two. Resveratrol is so highly reactive with oxygen, that this oxidation rate is compared to being about as fast as lighting a match in gasoline fumes.

6. Light Destroys Resveratrol Immediately! This happens almost as quickly as oxygen does on resveratrol. As the powder or the capsules tumbles around in the manufacturing process, light decomposes resveratrol much like a death ray.

Researchers have now stated from their studies, and in their opinion, resveratrol activity in capsules is virtually destroyed by the time a person uses it. It really does not matter how much active resveratrol the capsule contains. Because resveratrol is such a sensitive and extremely reactive molecule, it cannot possibly survive without serious or complete degradation from the manufacturing systems used in powder encapsulation!

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