Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Options That Improve Your Health

By Dani Walker

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Options:

Our journey has been so rewarding.  I didn’t think we would find Sarcoidosis natural treatment options that actually worked to keep Jack’s Sarcoidosis in remission for 5 years and I never imagined we would be writing a book, creating a wellness series, doing radio shows, speaking at Sarcoidosis conferences…to spread the message and raise awareness about Sarcoidosis.  But here we are…and here you are reading this post because you are looking outside the prescriptions for some direction and results that don’t cause less health.

natural sarcoidosis treatmentSo last week I was honored to be a guest on the Wellness Warrior Radio show to speak about Sarcoidosis, raise awareness about this misunderstood disease and share Sarcoidosis natural treatment options that improve your quality of life, no matter what ailment you may be dealing with.  I really want to thank Darren McDuffie & Diane Kazer for having me on the show!  The need for more awareness about this disease is huge & together we can all make a difference & get the word out.

More than anything we want to help those fighting this disease.  We hope to offer guidance and have created the Education Beats Medication Wellness Series to do just that.  Since there was no Sarcoidosis resource guide for us, we made one for you.  This series includes everything we wish we knew about Sarcoidosis BEFORE Jack was diagnosed in 2004 and everything you need to know about natural options for healing that are not offered by conventional medicine.

We share exactly what Sarcoidosis natural treatment options we & many others have successfully used as well as 10 exclusive audio interviews with functional medicine practitioners so you can make informed decisions for your health!

Even though we wrote from the Sarkie perspective these methods have helped people with Diabetes, cancer, lupus, chronic fatigue, psoriasis, asthma and more free themselves from the medical gauntlet.

May you enjoy the interview and for those who consider getting our series please click Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment to get more information.  Remeber, the series if for anyone suffering with autoimmune related issues.

What natural remedies, alternative diagnostics or non-invasive therapies are you using?  Tell me about them by leaving a comment below.


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