SISEL FuCoyDon | Fucoidan A Natural Anti Inflammatory

By Dani Walker

Fucoidan | SISEL FuCoyDon Is The Best

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The molecule fucoidan is powerful & well researched with over 800 published studies at

Leading researchers from around the world state: never have we seen one ingredient that can do more great things for more parts of the human body than Fucoidan.

Fucoidan is believed to be on of nature’s most diverse & effective cell signalers with enormous power & energy in supporting significant and forceful effects on stem cells, organs, tissues & many biological structures.  It does not simply prolong life; it actually rejuvenates & regenerates cells, starves cancer & is natures best anti-inflammatory.

Fucoidan provides all 8 essential Saccharide’s for cellular communication!

Mannose, Glucose, Fucose, Galactose, N-acetylgalactosamine, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylneurominic Acid & Xylose.

SISEL’s patent pending super-saturated FuCoyDon (fucoidan) formula comes from Limu Moui seaweed, which has 21% higher fucoidan molecule than other sources.  SISEL’s FuCoyDon contains U, F, & G molecule types & is grown in the pristine waters of Tonga. Click Liquid Fucoidan to so more research and order.

With 20 different registered patent pending processes some of which enzymatically cut the repeating fucoidan polysaccharide into smaller, individual molecules, maintaining the highly effective F, U, & G individual molecules, while adding sulfate groups to the molecule which make the fucoidan more bio-available & responsive within the body.

SISEL also has a patent pending process for removing heavy metals and particularly arsenic, allowing FuCoyDon (fucoidan) concentration to higher levels without containing toxicity.

Fucoidan has been used in Asain cultures for centuries and is referred to as virgin mother’s milk due to it’s amazing health benefits.  It is currently used in many cancer clinics in Japan & is being studied in universities all over the world for it’s anti-cancer, anti-tumor properties!

Click Fucoydon for more info on this Fucoidan supplement & where to order.

This is the 1st SISEL product my family ever tried.  Jack started taking it to see if it would help with inflammation, aching and constant pain from Sarcoidosis.  It did so much more than that!!!  His lymph nodes, which the specialists said had become fibrocystic and would never return back to normal size…. were back to normal size after 6 mo. of taking only a 1/2 oz. of FuCoyDon, Spectra AO & Eternity daily.

As Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food.”

Given optimal nutrition our bodies can heal and regenerate!

Your wellness advocate,

Dani Walker


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gordon flewell

There seems to be some good results ,of fuCoyDon is used to control cancer
tumors,I would like to learn more.


    Gordon, sorry for the late response. Fucoidan is the active ingredient in Fucoydon and has over 900 published studies on Many relating to its ability to induce apoptosis (cell death). Cancer cells proliferate and do not die so fucoidan is a very powerful, natural nutrient found in brownseaweed that starves cancer cells and has been shown to aid in chemotherapy treatment as well.

      Vic Folkes

      Har Sarc for years, nothing works, will Fucoidan help.

        Dani Walker

        hello Vic, Fucoidan is an extremely beneficial nutrient that has many wonderful benefits. Because it is natural there are no nasty side effects. So far 85% of people with Sarcoidosis who have used it for at least 90 days experience positive benefits. Most common are more energy, less pain and improved breathing.

Elizabeth Chavez

I will like to order this product


    Hi Elizabeth, I just sent you and email. To order you can go to and click on become a preferred customer! Thanks and let me know how Fucoydon helps you.

Liliana Ortuso

Hello Dani, I have sarcoidosis with all the symptoms I read about Fucoyden Spectramaxx & Eternity A. Where can I purchase them In Adelaide, South Australia Australia…It would be greatly appreciated if you can pass on that information for me.
Many Thanks Lilian

    Dani Walker

    Hello Lilian, thank you for asking. I refer people to a woman in the USA and you can order through her. Go to and click on sign up then choose Australia and preferred customer. Customers get a 20% rebate to use toward future purchases and there is not cost to become a customer. You will find the supplements under the “age reversal” section. If you have any other questions just let me know. Thanks, Dani


Just to let you know I have a friend with lung cancer. She would love to try this natural medicine, unfortunately buying this stuff it’s too expensive for her. I heard it costs about $53 for a few ounces, meaning every three days she would need to buy a new jar.
I think it’s a shame this medicine, that supposedly has helped so many people, is available only for the wealthy, making it impossible for everybody else be able to afford it and to have some kind of hope and recovery.

    Dani Walker

    Hello Lizbeth, I’m not sure who told you the price of Fucoydon. It is $48 for 25oz. With progressive cancer 2-3 oz daily is best but some is much better than none. Fucoidan is an amazing anti-cancer nutrient that has many clinical studies proving it self destructs cancer cells. A much less invasive option than chemo or radiation and much less costly as well (in my opinion).

    We are all in a different financial situation but sometimes we must re-prioritize and make our health the most important. This is exactly what my husband had to do in 2004 when he was diagnosed. Even though we could not afford the natural options we did so because could not afford NOT to and Jack celebrated 5 years in remission this May.

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