Standing For Standing Rock As Water Is Life

By Dani Walker

Standing Rock News #NoDAPL

My husband Jack, just returned from Standing Rock. A friend collected donations and 4 trucks full of wood headed from Oregon to Standing Rock. Driving 1100 miles to deliver enough wood to keep peaceful protectors warm for maybe a week in the frigid cold of N Dakota.

standing rock news

Standing Rock Camp. If you look you see all the flags of every indigenous nation.

First and foremost, the people at Standing Rock are peaceful. No weapons in camp. No force used to protest the pipeline, just daily prayer ceremonies and peaceful rallies. It’s an extremely well organized group and the longest peaceful protest in US history.

Standing Rock Psy Ops

Jack camped out just 3 nights and woke up to ice on the inside of his tent every morning. Some of the people have been there for almost 4 months. Every tribe is there, working together, praying together, keeping peace, hope and faith as this protest has successfully stopped the Dakota Access Pipeline, DAPL.

In 2012-2013 alone, there were 300 oil pipeline breaks in the state of North Dakota. The Oceti Sakowin Camp is a historic gathering of tribes, allies, and people from all walks of life standing in solidarity to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Jack got to witness for himself the power of the Elders. The elders guide the people, keep the focus on peace & purpose. Every morning they have a prayer ceremony and for the first time in history all tribes are praying together and allowing us to participate in their sacred ceremonies. As the prayer ceremony commenced so did the helicopter flying above to make noise. As night fell, the flood lights surrounding camp turned to shine brightly all night. Planes without lights flew over camp all night and sirens would blow. These tactics are used by military and DAPL to try and interfere, drive people out and succeed in drilling this pipeline.

Tonight, I spent 2 hours watching a Facebook live video from the top of the hill at Standing Rock as peaceful protectors tried to remove 2 burnt out cars used to close bridge access and the military force used against all peaceful protesters as I type this post makes me furious and very sad.

Tear gas, rubber bullets and 3 water cannons are being used against people trying to protect our waters. Who knows how many have been injured and who may lose their life due to the hypothermia that will certainly set in after being dowsed by a water cannon in 20 degree weather.

This is the live video from the scene tonight. Keep in mind the service is low there and Kevin had to stand atop what campers refer to as “Facebook Hill” to be able to report live to the world and be a voice of truth in the silence that is Standing Rock.

If you want to know how you can take a stand and help, here is a great site with more info Standing Rock.

We must remember that this is NOT about us, this is NOT about any tribe or color, it is about our planet, our water, our future generations and preserving what little we have left to pass on to them.

Here is another video taken much closer range but no audio because it’s a drone.

What atrocity! Would you let someone put an oil pipeline through your waters? My dear friends daughter is there right now helping treat those with injuries. We must stand together and make a difference with those who are risking their lives to keep 17+ millions people’s water source clean and safe to consume.

Thank you for reading, support our peaceful protectors at Standing Rock and please share this post because we are the news. Main stream media has yet to cover Standing Rock News.



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