Stop agreeing with deception. You pick!

By Dani Walker


Pervasive Wellness concept:  The realization of my fullest potential.

Complaining never opens the vault for blessing or prosperity!

Our minds are extremely powerful.  Have you ever heard the expression, “thoughts are things”?  If not, this refers to the power of our mind to manifest positive and or negative in our lives & even the lives of others.  When I finally grasped the “ginormity” (will be in the dictionary eventually) of this concept I was destined to master it.

I’ve been told many times that the ONLY difference between the 98% & 2% of the population is the way they think.  You see, statistics show that around 98% of our population will end up dead or dead broke by the time they are 65. 

If you just thought – “Heck no, not me!”  I am right there with you.  This is staggering, jaw dropping, concerning, thought provoking… & TRUE!  But, what if we can change those statistics? If we stop agreeing with deception, we have all ready started changing them simply because, THOUGHTS ARE THINGS!

I sit and type, I have a radio show, I am in business, I am a Wife, Mother & mentor because I BELEIVE WE CAN stop agreeing with deception and change the world!  The hope we once had for health, prosperity & “the pursuit of happiness” can and is being restored, one human being at a time!

If you believe, as I do, that “thoughts ARE things” then we can do all things.  As Napoleon Hill stated so eloquently, “What the mind of man can conceive & believe, it CAN achieve!” 

On this day, I empower each and everyone of us to dream, far beyond our circumstances, believe those dreams to be true & act as though they are!  That is the power of imagination.  Every great thing started with one small thought and the grand imagination driving the desire to see it to fruition!

The fruits of our labor always pay off if we never give up!  Changing the world one person at a time truly tests my patience because I (just like most of us) want a whole world, one with no disease, destruction or debt & I want it NOW… or yesterday. ..

I must remind myself of Mother Teresa’s goal… to help one.  You are brilliant, magnificant, healthy, funny, happy, whole, & strong.  Now go tell the world!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the ONLY thing that ever has!” Margaret Mead

Restoring Hope,

Dani Walker


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Sassy, classy and kick a$$y Marketing Muse with a passion for living life well. I help solopreneurs build they online brand with grace and ease. My book on wellness proves that Education Beats Medication Click Here for a sneak peek. Stay tuned and connect if you're ready to start living your bliss online & off!

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