Summer Rafting Reprieve

By Dani Walker

summer rafting

2014 Summer Rafting Trip:

summer raftingGetting ready for our yearly Samon River summer rafting trip and just have to say that as I type this my excitement level is through the roof!  This year all 4 of us are going so the raft will be packed but I’ve agreed to have at least 2 drinks a day to “deal” with the close quarters…lol! 🙂

Spending the entire day tomorrow cooking to prepare meals for 5 days.  That’s right, no Mountain House meals on this trip!  We always eat like kings and queens on the river and love every minute of being completely unplugged from the constant chatter.  No cell phones, no computers, no technology, just a summer rafting reprieve to fill up with appreciation for this fabulous place we live.

We’ve been rafting as a family for 8 years now and it’s absolutely the best.  We have so many wonderful memories and spend this time together really connecting.  I don’t have to ask anyone to put their phones down, look at me, or say “did you hear me” once!

So as we stuff our sleeping bags, pack our dry bags & fill the coolers, I say to you – Go unplug for a day.  Get away from the phones, facebook, the chatter and reconnect with the earth and with yourself.  Let your soul soak up the rhythmic energy and get grounded.

I’m looking forward to disconnecting for 6 days and wish you a week of health, vitality and magnificence!

What do you do to unplug?


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