Big Tech Won't Like THIS & I'm Ok With THAT!

If you've followed me for any amount of time you know that I, Dani, am a huge believer in passive income & voluntary interactions. My business partner, Walter Harrison, agrees and has built an app that offers data transparency, monetization & passive income. 


Your consumer data is valuable. Wouldn’t you like to be paid for it? 

How Tapestri Goes To Work FOR You.

How many apps do you have on your phone? These companies make bank on your data. Tapestri taps into those earnings and gives the dollars to YOU because we know it's your data and YOU should get paid for it!

Tapestri app is free and works seamlessly in the background to allow consumers to earn up to $25 per month from the data they currently give away for nothing in return. 

It's FREE & Fundamental!

Anything worth doing is worth doing rightTapestri is the only app that pays the user, asks for consent upfront & shows the consumer every piece of data collected. Tapestri understands that it's your data and you should get paid for it. 

Tapestri collects anonymous device location data. Tapestri never collects texts, photos, purchases, contacts or personal information.

Simply Install. Activate. Set It & Forget It!

No matter what you do…you probably take your phone with you where ever you go. The Tapestri app just collects your device location, not your purchases, photos, etc. it logs the locations your device goes and monetizes that data so you; the user earn up to $25 per month. Simply activate the app and let it go to work FOR you.

Earn More To Invite! Tap A Friend & Earn A Buck.

If you play any games on your phone you are familiar with incentivized sharing. "Share to get another level or shield or coupon etc." Tapestri gives you dollars.

How many friends would appreciate up to $25 extra a month?  Tap A Friend, Earn A Buck.  Earn $1 per month for every referral who installs and activates Tapestri. 

Tap Into More Earnings...

Tapestri Believes In Voluntary Transactions & Further Rewarding Those Who Partner With Us In Our Mission To Bring Data Transparency & Dollars To Every Consumer.

I am always here to answer questions but must say that this is a free product that puts money in every users pocket. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, it is hard to beat a free product that pays your customers too. If you aren't familiar it's ok, I just have one question for you...

How many people do you know who like getting free money???

~ 1st Hand Experience From New Tapestri Affiliates ~ 

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Coming Soon To iOS & Android 

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