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By Dani Walker

Natural treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Remedies

I went from this

Natural supplements for Chronic Fatigue

to these & it costs less!

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

For the past 20 years, I have suffered from a debilitating autoimmune condition. Living a life in coping mode with fatigue and pain, (the most debilitating of my long list of symptoms) I had resigned myself to the fact that exercise and energy would never be something I would experience in this lifetime.

One year ago, while attempting to exercise, my body’s organs couldn’t handle the stress and I went into shock and came very near death. For the last year I have been fighting for my life using nutrition and diet to keep me from having to live on harmful corticosteroids. After an entire year on 18 powerful supplements, I had slow progress and minimal results, but was still never able to do anything physically strenuous without experiencing the early stages of shock.

I began taking SISEL Fucoydon and Eternity and in 2 ½ weeks, I was able to exercise and actually be energized by it. The fatigue is gone and for the first time in over 15 years, I have ENERGY. The energy is steady & consistent and everyday, I have a little bit more. I feel like I am climbing out of a big black hole. Now instead of a pile of pills and slow, unsteady progress, I take two sips and I’m done. This nutrition is concentrated and powerful. And as a result, has magnified my ability to live LIFE!!!

Thank you Bob for Sharing. Not sure how to pay it back, other than to pay it forward,


Yet another awesome result for someone suffering with a very serious autoimmune disease. Thus far these 2 powerful liquid nutritionals have helped people like my husband with Sarcoidosis, Janet with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lori with Diabetes, Scott with Leukemia and more.
These two super saturated supplements actually trigger stem cell regeneration, increase energy through mitochondria, reactivate our youth generating Sirt gene, are very powerful anti-inflammatories and more. If you want to read more scientific research click on Fucoidan (FuCoyDon) & Resveratrol (Eternity)
Your Wellness advocate & friend,
Dani Walker


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With all due respect, CFS, or CFIDS or ME/CFS — whatever you want to call it, it NOT an “autoimmune” disease. It’s an illness caused by immune DYSFUNCTION.



    Hello Kelly, I am not very happy with the name either but Autoimmune disease IS caused by immune dysfunction. All of these diseases are categorized under this name but are due to immune dysfunction, which is the cause NOT the individual disease or name. It is much more important to find the root, than treat the symptoms and prescribe pills. I wish you the best and hope you consider using Eternity & Fucoydon to help reverse cellular degeneration and improve immune system function.

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