A True Story Of Sickness, Lifestyle Intervention & Recovery!

sarcoidosis cure
  • 182 Pg Book: How Sarcoidosis slowly eroded our fairy-tale life, taught us what truly matters & exactly what we did to beat it naturally. 15 Alternative Therapies, 20+ Healthy recipes, 18 Natural skin & scar repair methods & so much more.
  • 10 Expert Interviews with world leading specialists in Oriental medicine, Nutrition, Immunology, Chiropractic, Chronic Disease, Cleansing, Functional medicine and more.
           Living life well requires thinking outside the prescription; far beyond big food & big pharma.

Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series:

If you have an inflammatory disease like Sarcoidosis, Consider this your go to resource for the foundation of essential nutrition, healing and staying/getting healthy.

The Ultimate Wellness Nutrients

According to world leading nutritionists, diet is 4x more important than exercise.  Learn what to eat and what to avoid to live a healthy, vibrant life.

10 Holistic Expert Interviews

10 audio interviews with Functional medicine practitioners who cover how to prevent disease naturally, what to eat, non-invasive diagnostics, proper cleansing, natural therapies & so much more.

Practical, Step-by-Step Recipes

20+ quick, simple, nutritious and delicious Anti-Inflammatory recipes for busy living.  18 additional skin soothing therapies, scar tissue remedy and much more.

Unlock Your Inner Healer

Stop treating symptoms! Be empowered to make more informed decisions for your health and your families health by going through the EBM Total Wellness Series.

WARNING: You may get better results, avoid side effects & save money using the knowledge taught in this Total Wellness Series.