From 5 insulin shots to 1, naturally

By Dani Walker

To go from 5-6 insulin shots a day to 1 at night has completely changed my health & prolonged my life. Anyone with Type I or II diabetes needs to hear this.

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Hi, my name is Rick Green & 10 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Then 4 yrs later it turned into Type I & my blood sugar was completely out of whack. The Dr.s & I were having a hard time regulating it. On average my blood sugars would be between 160-250 but sometimes would spike to 400+. I was giving myself 5-6 shots of insulin a day. Then, do to the prompting of my loving Sister, I started taking liquid Fucoidan & Resveratrol supplements (1/2oz daily) and within 7 days my insulin levels were around 80-100 in the morning & my daily average was about 120 after just one month! I now take only 1 shot of insulin at night & have lowered this dosage by 33%!!!!

I also had knee surgery a year ago & my Dr.s told me it was not healing right because of the high blood sugar levels. I know these supplements have prolonged my life & I look forward to my knee healing properly now because my blood sugars are regulated.

In a time when there are 23.6 million Americans suffering with diabetes and this number will double by 2034, we need change! We need a wellness revolution! It starts with one person making one healthy choice at a time… will you be the next one? Who do you know with diabetes that desires a better quality of life? To go from 5-6 insulin shots a day to 1 at night has completely changed my health & prolonged my life.


Rick Green

Dani’s Desk:  1person cared enough to say, just try it!  Rick’s sister was willing to go the extra mile and share these two awesome liquid supplements with her brother in hopes that it would help.  She later told me that she was also scared to death that they may make his blood sugars worse (we never know until we try) but look at the outcome!  Who do you know with diabetes? 

I can tell you this for certain, there are 23.6 million Americans with this disease & each of them would love to live a better quality of life!  We can make a difference!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

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