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Fucoidan Offers Massive Health Benefits:

Fucoidan Health BenefitsAnti-cancer, immune builder, anti-inflammatory, stem cell re-generator & more.

The Chinese have referred to Fucoidan as “Virgin Mother’s Milk” for centuries because it contains all the same nutrients & healing abilities as breast milk.

Because of the many health benefits of fucoidan and what it has done for my husbands’ health, our family has taken a liquid fucoidan supplement called Fucoydon, every day for over 4 years.

Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed that is now thought to have a role to play in the stem cell-induced repair of cardiovascular damage.

Leading researchers from around the world state they have never seen one ingredient do more for the human body than fucoidan.  The 900+ studies on fucoidan health benefits at Pubmed.gov verify this in many ways from a great variety of universities and research centers world-wide.

Download a full scientific report here Fucoidan Health Benefits

4 Things to consider when searching for the right Fucoidan supplement:

1. The source.  In today’s toxic and radiated environment you want to be sure the source is radiation free.

2. The processing.  How is the fucoidan extracted?  Does it contain all 3 types – U, F & G?  Is it bio-available & sulphated?

3. The concentration.  For any supplement to be effective it must be formulated in a therapeutic dose.

4.  The cost.  I wish we never had to consider the cost when it comes to our health but let’s face it – Fucoidan is expensive.  When we were looking for a fucoidan supplement to help relieve inflammation due to Sarcoidosis we called one company which formulated capsule and liquid.  First off it was sourced from Japan which raised concern due to current events, secondly the capsules were $300 a month and the liquid was $800…for one person!  YIKES

As I said, my family uses and recommends – Fucoydon – our #1 Choice For The Best Fucoidan Health Benefits & it’s cost effective as well!  Our family of 4 takes Fucoydon every day for less than $100 a month.

Super-Saturated Fucoidan Supplement For Best Health Benefits:

FuCoyDon Contains U, F & G Fucoidan

SISEL has registered around 20 patent pending processes some of which enzymatically cut the repeating fucoidan polysaccharide into smaller, individual molecules, maintaining the highly effective F, U and G individual molecules.   Simultaneously adding sulfate groups to the molecule makes the fucoidan more bio-available & responsive within the body.

This patent pending process allows SISEL to concentrate their FuCoyDon supplement without containing toxicity.  Just 1/2 to 1 ounce a day is enough to provide all these amazing health benefits at only $48 for a 1 month supply.

FuCoyDon has helped 1,000’s of people with everything from chronic fatigue, Sarcoidosisdiabetes to cancer.  There are 100’s of different Fucoidan formulas on the market today.  From pills to powders, but none are formulated with such a concentrated dose of efficacious Fucoidan in liquid form.

Fucoidan Health Benefits :

fucoydon benefits

Fucoidan is believed to be natures most diverse and effective cell signaler as well as natures most powerful anti-inflammatory.

Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to cause cancer cells to self destruct.  It contains all 8 essential saccharides for cellular communication: Mannose, Glucose, Fucose, Galactose, N-acetylgalactosamine, N-acetylglucosamine, Xylose, and N-acetylneurominic acid.

We dedicate an entire chapter to Fucoidan health benefits in our book Education Beats Medication Against All Odds.  This is our story of overcoming Sarcoidosis, a seemingly incurable inflammatory disease.  The book includes 10 audio interviews with leading wellness experts from around the world so you can make more informed decisions for your health.