How To Stop Aging With Telomere Supplements

By Dani Walker

Anti-Aging With Telomere Supplements

The Importance Of Telomeres…

Scientific breakthroughs used to create a new Telomere Support Supplement called TS-X.

I had never heard of telomeres but understood that every cell has a “cell life.”  Telomeres are the structural units on the tips of chromosomes/DNA.  They are necessary to create new cells.  At birth there are about 10 thousand Telomere units. Over a person’s lifetime they are depleted to about 5 thousand units & scientists theorize that at this point they can no longer keep up providing enough new cells to replace dying ones.

Simply put…Each time a cell divides, there are less telomere units left, thus the end of a person’s life is near.

Free radicals also destroy them so Telomere units are more quickly depleted over a lifetime. As units on a chromosome decrease, the less cells the body will produce. Soon there may not be enough units left to be able to keep up with your normal loss of cells in tissues and organs. As loss of units happened in a person’s life, health declines rapidly.

How To Stop Aging With Telomerase

Telomerase is the enzyme that rebuilds Telomere units!  There is hope after all.

Unlike products that may slow or perhaps stop aging, Telomerase they say actually should reverse aging!  I truly believe this is the greatest discovery in the history of human health!

Since aging is not considered a disease, Telomere support may literally be called the fountain of youth, as stated on Diane Sawyer in her ABC report showing what Telomerase activation can do.

So if you are wondering how to stop aging and disease…science says Telomerase activation is the key! But what products offer this revolutionary science?  There are a few sold on the market that are effective & expensive!

stop aging telomeraseAs new Telomere Support product  is now available to the public: click here for more info.

Introducing TS-X:  a combination of two enormously powerful telomere support ingredients:

  1. Astragalosides in approx. 30% greater concentration (considered the “a” grade of telomere support ingredients.
  2. Bacopasides in a 50% greater concentration (considered the “b” grade ingredient for telomere support.
  3. Fortified with a massive array of complex antioxidants, designed to protect telomeres from the hotspot degradation caused by free radicals oxidizers.


TS-X will retail for $125 for one bottle & those who purchase 3 bottles will be given a discount to $99.95 per bottle.

telomere supplements

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Please note: TS-X, nor the formula sold by health care practitioners, are not prescription drugs but extremely powerful complementary medicines from a natural source.

If you are interested in this trial please contact me directly ASAP.  This product will be available to the mass public in the very near future so even if you miss the trial, get on the waiting list today!

How to stop aging with Telomere Support is just around the corner with TS-X.


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