Natural Remedy For Raynaud’s

By Dani Walker

Resveratrol; A Natural Remedy For Raynaud’s


After Jill’s amazing results I did some research on resveratrol to see why it is a natural remedy for Raynaud’s.  I found this study on that substantiates her results.  Below is a short excerpt – to read the entire study click natural remedy for raynaud’s

Emerging potentials for an antioxidant therapy as a new approach to the treatment
of systemic sclerosis.  Oxidative stress, favoring disease progression by a rapid degeneration of endothelial cell function is deeply involved in Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) pathogenesis. Raynaud’s phenomenon (RP), present in 90% of patients with SSc, provoking frequent daily episodes of hypoxia-reperfusion injury, produces several episodes of free radicals-mediated endothelial derangement.
In order to interrupt SSc vicious cycle, we propose a main strategy for SSc treatment by a supplementation of antioxidants and different kind of drugs with antioxidant property, such as Lazaroids, Resveratrol, Melatonin and Probucol.
natural remedy for raynaud's

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Resveratrol – one active ingredient in Eternity – has a smooth muscle relaxing effect on vascular vessels through the metric oxide pathway and inhibits platelet aggregation therefore increasing circulation.

Before meeting Jill, I had never heard of Raynaud’s.  Actually she has never been “officially” diagnosed but her symptoms are exact.  This “phenomenon” as it is referred to effects 8% of the U.S. population and women are 5 times more likely to have Raynaud’s.

As you heard, Jill put up with these symptoms for more than 10 years and within 1 week on Eternity, her symptoms started to disappear.  Eternity is a liquid trans resveratrol, quercetin & catechin supplement that is super concentrated using 99% pure Trans-Resveratrol.  To read more about the specific formula click Eternity trans resveratrol supplement.

Raynaud’s Review: click What is Raynaud’s?  for more info.

Why Is Resveratrol An Effective Natural Remedy For Raynaud’s

natural treatment for raynaud's

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For those of you suffering with the symptoms, resveratrol is a very effective natural remedy for raynaud’s.  As scientists have studied this high powered antioxidant and it’s amazing ability to help 1,000’s of diseases.

The study on pubmed suggests people with raynaud’s and/or Systemic sclerosis, supplement with Resveratrol.  Trans resveratrol (the form used in Eternity) is found in some red wines and is believed to be a key reason for the French paradox, wherein a higher level of saturated fat is consumed and heart health is maintained.  Research shows that trans resveratrol protects against some metabolic stressors associated with a high fat diet.

Ingredients In Eternity make an effective natural remedy for Raynaud’s:

1. Eternity contains Resveratrol – regarded as a blood thinning agent. Resveratrol has a smooth muscle relaxing effect on vascular vessels through the metric oxide pathway and inhibits platelet aggregation therefore increasing circulation.  This minimizes the damage that can be caused to your cardiovascular health and circulation as well. Trans resveratrol helps turn on the enzyme nitric oxide (NO) synthase, in turn stimulating the production of the friendly NO that relaxes your circulatory systems and supports healthy blood pressure function.

2.  Green Tea – inhibits platelet aggregation, acts as an anti-inflammatory herb and relaxes vascular smooth muscle and reduces cholesterol, triglyceride and leptin levels (Fassia et al 2000, Sayama et al 2000).

3.  Red Grape Skin – has certain cofactors besides resveratrol which may benefit blood flow. Studies show drinking grape juice reduces LDL oxidation and ultrasound images show changes in the artery walls, indicating that blood flows more freely.

4.  Rosemary – a circulatory stimulant that assists with peripheral circulation. Donot use if you have hypertension

5.   Quercetin – a flavonoid has potent antioxidant effects. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that flavonoids protect the nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, and retina from damage

Not all supplements are created equal, so please read more about Eternity before you go buy just any “resveratrol, green tea, grape skin, rosemary or quercetin” supplement on the market. Eternity is an effective natural remedy for Radynaud’s or other cardiovascular problems because of the therapeutic dose of active ingredients.

Eternity is the most effective, bio-available form of resveratrol and there are many more reasons why resveratrol is an excellent natural remedy for more than Raynaud’s but you can scroll through the testimonials and learn more.

I am thrilled for Jill and happy to talk more to anyone struggling with disease.  I truly believe we are more than able to heal if we give our body the nutrition it desperately needs.  With just a 1/2oz of Eternity, Jill has been able to enjoy her day without suffering from numbness and cold.

To your health and healing,

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Another great success! I just read that 75% of women suffer with poor circulation. Eternity is an exceptional supplement that helps increase NOS and boost blood flow, as well as help build and regenerate muscle, tissues & organs! Congrats, Jill


I have ITP low platelets and have to take a platelet stimulator medicine called Promacta… would you still recommend this for me? I have painful Raynaud’s even in the summer when inside where ever the air conditioner is on like at work.


    Hello Danaj, I am not a Dr so I can’t give any advice because I’m not familiar with the medications you mention. The methods I speak of are natural methods using nutrition and some nutrients can interact with medications so it is important to do your own research, consult your physician and make your own decision.

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