What IS Fucoidan?

By Dani Walker

Wondering What Fucoidan Is?

what is fucoidanAlmost three years ago I heard the word fucoidan for the first time.  My husband had Sarcoidosis and I was researching natural anti inflammatories in hopes that we would find something to help relieve his sarcoidosis symptoms.

Come to find out, Fucoidan is a nutrient found in brown seaweed.  Fucoidan is a type of glyconutrient as a new and more specialized type of nutraceutical. The main effective ingredient in Fucoidan is the fucose, one of the eight essential biological sugars.

The highest concentration of fucoidan is found in Limu Miou Seaweed – about a 21% higher concentration.   Most fucoidan supplements are made in capsule form from different kinds of seaweed with lower concentrations even though the best form of fucoidan is in liquid from Limu Miou. The process of formulating highly concentrated liquid fucoidan supplements is very costly so many manufactures provide fucoidan supplements in capsules instead. With the current Fukushima disaster we must also be sure the seaweed of free from radioactive isotopes and all toxicity is removed during the formulation process.

Click What is Fucoidan for more information on the liquid fucoidan supplement my family takes every day.  This one supplement has helped keep my husband in remission for more than 2 years!

Clinical studies have shown that FUCOIDAN can:

•Decrease cholesterol levels resulting from the way that enzymes breakdown fatty acids in the liver

•Diabetes control by slowing down the release of glucose into the blood •Lower blood pressure

•Improve liver function

•Improve immunity from increasing the production of immune cells or natural killer cells (NK cells)

•Reduce stomach disorders

•Skin rejuvenation by increasing the production of integrin, a protein that helps in skin repair and firmness

•Increase cell regeneration

•Relieve allergies because of the increase of NK

•Arthritis relief by promoting the production of fibronetin which plays an important part in keeping joints flexible and lubricated

•Herpes remedy because of fucoidan’s antiviral properties

•Stop formation of cancer cells through a process called apoptosis (cell self-destructing)

All of these claims can be researched on pubmed.gov by searching the keyword: Fucoidan.

How Fucoidan Works

Harvesting Fucoidan

The main effective ingredient in Fucoidan is the fucose, one of the eight essential biological sugars. Since 1996, a total of four Nobel Prizes in medicine have been awarded for work in glycobiology. Unlike other nutritional supplements, Fucoidan provides special saccharide, biological sugars, which have recently been identified as being absolutely essential for cell-to-cell communication through glycoproteins and glycolipids.

Typically only glucose and galactose are in the foods we eat so we don’t consume Fucose and must produce over thirty-four different enzymatic reactions to generate intermediate molecules to make Fucose. During the conversion process if there is any problem in any step (due to toxins, stress etc) it will cause a severe and chronic disease.

After learning this I wondered if Fucoidan could be beneficial for people suffering with chronic diseases like Sarcoidosis.  In May 2009, Jack (my hubby with Sarc) started taking a highly concentrated liquid fucoidan supplement called Fucoydon every day.  Within 3 months his anxiety, vertigo, joint pain, coughing, inflammation & swollen lymph nodes were better.  It has now been over 2 years & he has been free of any Sarcoidosis symptoms.  I now wonder if it was the fucose in the fucoidan that helped provide his body with the proper nutrients to repair damage done to his heart, lymph & brain due to Sarcoidosis.

Fucoidan is such a powerful nutrient that Asian cultures refer to it as “Virgin Mother’s Milk”.  Read Fucoidan Health Benefits to learn more about this natural anti inflammatory, immune system enhancer & stem cell regenerator.

If you are currently taking a fucoidan suppelement please consider the source, efficacy and potential toxicity of the product when making your next purchase.

I have toured the facility where Fucoydon is made, watched the process & know that it is free from any heavy metals and radiation contamination.  I would NOT let my kids take it now recommend it to friends if it were not a safe and effective source of fucoidan.

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How do the manufacturers get rid of the radioactive isotopes? I am taking Fucoidan Force which is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean and has no radiation.

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