Defining Your Ideal Client Will Help You Live Your Ideal Life

By Dani Walker

Who Is Your Ideal Client & Why:

Define your ideal clientCreating an ideal client/customer/avatar profile — or a few — will help you truly stand out from the competition to attract, qualify, and sell only to these clients.

When I first started online, I had no idea what I was doing. I look back now and wish I would have started with this one simple “define your ideal avatar” practice.

Why? Because it would have helped me navigate the entire keyword research, SEO, social media business branding and product offers process. And man would that strong foundation have helped me get to point B much faster!

Good news is, no matter where you are in your business, there is NEVER a bad time to define your ideal client, or redefine them, if your path has veered. After all, life happens.

Who My First Ideal Client Is

When I first started this website in 2009/10 my sole purpose was to share what I had learned about how to help the body heal Sarcoidosis naturally.

Thus the definition of my ideal client went something like this…

“My avatar is 25-55 years of age, works a job, has a family, has a chronic illness and finds themselves frustrated because they feel like they know more about their disease than the Drs and they feel alone because no one understands what they are going through. They don’t know where to find the support & knowledge that I’m going to provide them about natural options for surviving Sarcoidosis.”

Had I defined my idea client before I started this site, I never would have named my website, for obvious reasons.

Here’s another ideal client for a stump grinding business. Jack and I had to gain clarity here since we own a Idaho stump grinding service .

“My avatar is a 30-85 year old homeowner with trees that are overgrown or need removed. This person is willing to pay for professional services and understands the value of having a beautifully maintained landscape. They live in the Portland Metro or Vancouver WA communities.”

New Ideal Client To Help – “Cage Free People”

I obviously still work with and love to help people with Sarcoidosis but because of the skills I had to learn, to reach those willing to think outside the prescription…the past few years my life has expanded to include helping small business owners embrace the internet and use it to expand their reach, passion, awareness & business.

So another the ideal client I’m working with and providing value for is the 30 something ruralpreneur with a home based business or brick & mortar store and a burning desire to live a cage free life. They want to start a blog/site for months now, but don’t know where to start. He/She could really use some help on how to use the internet to get more sales for their business without having a large budget or a ton of time. They are searching for guidance and actionable steps that they can implement when they are not at their business or full time job.”

I still need to work on this definition but I think you get the picture.

So What Makes Your Ideal Customer CLICK?

You must have a thorough understanding of what makes your “Avatar” CLICK. What are their wants, desires, needs, etc.

  • Who is your Avatar? (gender, age, marital status, kids, interests and passions, where do they live, likes and dislikes, etc.)
  • What does your Avatar desire most? What is the outcome they are hoping for?
  • What are your Avatar’s needs? Problems? Pain points?
  • Where does your Avatar spend their time online/offline? (forums, social networks, etc.)
  • What types of products is your Avatar buying ?
  • What would your Avatar be searching for to find you?
  • What do you offer that is different from everyone else?

Put a pen to paper and let’s start defining your ideal client.

I always have a notebook handy. Helps me get my thoughts on paper before they are gone! lol

What Makes You Irresistible To Your Ideal Client?

Once you feel like you have a decent idea the second step is to define what makes you different.

At the top of a page, write:

  • Then under that write the name of your product, products, goods and/or services.
  • Then write down what problem you can solve or deep desire you can fulfill.

For ex: My Education Beats Medication total wellness series provides people with Sarcoidosis the hope and guidance needed to navigate the medical gauntlet & make more informed decisions about alternative options not yet offered by Western medicine so they can save money, get better results and avoid side effects.

This is just the beginning of getting to the core of WHAT you have to give & WHO to offer it to.

This is the foundation in which we will build your entire business and continue to go back to when you need to make tough decisions. SO after defining your ideal avatar, hang this in your office & let’s start building your big brand online so you can enjoy more freedom offline!

Comment below and tell me more about what you do, who your ideal client is and how I can help spread your message.


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