Have You Watched The Thrive Movie?

By Dani Walker

Watching The Thrive Movie!

The Thrive Movie!  A few weeks ago Jack and I had a wonderful visit with some like minded, solution oriented entrepreneurs; Todd & Mary Millar of Millar’s Coffee.  During our visit they told us about the new documentary Thrive.  We watched every minute, completely blown away and relieved to FINALLY have a powerful couple address the reality of the underworld we live in and most of all the SOLUTIONS we have to help turn things around…thus the Thrive Movement.  

I invite you to take the next hour to learn more & to join us in making a difference because our children’s future depends on it!  After watching the Thrive Movie, go to their website and take action.  Share your thoughts, what you are most passionate about changing and let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this and please…stick with the movie! The ending is all about solutions – which is what we are about.  There are peaceful, effective and uplifting ways to impact this planet.  Let’s Thrive!


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jeri gilliland

Just started watching the Thrive Movie. Barely an hour into it I had to pause until I could share it with Jon. Knowing the like mindless that he and I share with what I am watching. I am in no way a “science” geek, but know that what I have watched thus far is absolute truth. Can’t wait to get back to it. In my opinion everyone who lives on this planet should watch!

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