How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day?

By Dani Walker

Ever Ask Yourself “How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day?”

how much water should i drinkWhen it comes to water people are always asking me “How much water should I drink in a day, Dani?”

I’ve interviewed wellness experts for 5 years now and the vast majority of them agree that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily.  For ex: If you weigh 190 pounds you should drink 80 ounce of water in a day or for those outside the states, you should drink 30ml per kilogram.

Listen to interview with Dr Richard Powell answering the question “How much water should I drink in a day?”

How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day If…?

How about all the energy drinks, alcohol, coffee, etc etc…how do they affect how much water I should drink in a day????  Great question!

1. Every cup of coffee, alcoholic beverage or soda pop add one more cup of water to compensate for their dehydrating effects.

2.  Drink water between meals.  Drinking water during meals can interfere with nutrient absorption.

3.  Gradually increase the amount of daily water as your urination increases.

4.  Allopathic (Western Medicine) Prescriptions can be very dehydrating so consider this when on medications and be sure to stay hydrated.  This will help to relieve side effects as well as increase the medications ability to work properly.

Interesting Facts:
1.  The earth is 2/3 water and humans are 66% or 2/3 water when we are born.
2.  FACT: Dehydration is the #1 cause of death in our elderly! Our nations population of 70-80 years old are only 12-17% water when they die.
3.  Use ice water sparingly; your stomach must heat all drink and food up to 98.6 before it can start to digest it.  I drink filtered water at room temperature with a slice of organic orange, lemon or cucumber…YUM!
4.  Add electrolytes; we are made of salt-water not bottled water!  We use Himalayan Pink Salt because it is marvelous for balancing electrolytes!

How Much Pure Water Should I Drink In A Day?

Reasons to buy a filter rather than be one:
1.  Water molecules must be pure and line up in single file to be absorbed by a cell or a herniated disk.

2.  Pure water is absorbed 5-7 times faster than polluted water, a process that can take 48 hours.  If you are not using a filter then consider yourself the filter!  Not a good thing to be when there are carcinogens in your water, not to mention so much more.

3.  Upon dehydration, the body goes into a regulatory rationing system; the brain and organs receive the water first, some cells receive just enough to survive.  Dehydrated cells look like raisins on a blood test, as these cells stick together and thicken we take aspirin when we really should drink water. Blood is 80% water!

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So, now I get to ask…how much water do you drink in a day?  Are you drinking enough water?  Be honest…coffee, soda and tea do not count.  If you found this information helpful get the entire Education Beats Medication Wellness Series to learn how to take back your health with us.

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