Satiety – How To Not Be Hungry Ever!

By Dani Walker

How To Not Be Hungry

how to not be hungryDo you have cravings and wonder how not to be hungry?  Satiety is the answer but how do you achieve it?  For years I’ve struggled with a massive evening sweet tooth and I always have a bag of dark chocolate chips open in the cupboard.  🙂 I fight the craving but the craving usually wins.

I’ve been helping people with chronic disease for years and they always have massive cravings.  If you really do not want to be hungry ever again then you need to understand Satiety and just how much BIGGER the problem is than hunger or cravings.

Here’s an excerpt about how not to be hungry that I hope will help shed some light on this epidemic of inflammation and disease.

So, what the heck is satiety? defines satiety [suh-tahy-i-tee] as the state of being satiated.  Okay, that sounds reasonable.  But, satiety has another definition you won’t find in Webster’s or on—a more clinical one.  And, this definition is the one for which everyone should be keenly aware.

When we introduce food (or food-like) substances to our bodies, there’s a biochemical process that immediately takes place.  Our digestive system begins breaking down large compounds into smaller ones capable of being absorbed and, hopefully, utilized by the body.  And, what’s the body looking to utilize?  You guessed it—essential nutrients.

We each have, roughly, 37.2 trillion cells requiring 43 essential nutrients to grow, heal and live.  That’s our biology.  Like gasoline to the internal combustion engine, 43 essential nutrients are our fuel.  To get 43 essential nutrients everyday, is to provide high-test fuel for our 37 trillion engines.  When these cells don’t get this ESSENTIAL fuel it means trouble down the road.

In a modern day diet, where taste, calories and convenience hold far more value than nutrient content, there’s an insidious war being waged within our bodies.  As we digest and assimilate what little nutrient value exists within our food, our body prioritizes its disbursement to the 37.2 trillion cells requiring their fuel, beginning with our vital organs.  Brain…check.  Heart…check.  Lungs…check, check.  Then, the balance of our cells are left to battle it out for the remainder of what began as deficient nutrient content anyway.  That’s right.  37.2 trillion cells (less the brain, heart and lungs) are in a giant UFC octagon, slugging it out for whatever they can grab to sustain them.  As you might expect, this internal waring has a debilitating effect on health.  This effect has a name—inflammation.  And, inflammation has a massive connection to chronic disease.

Satiety, on the other hand, is the homeostasis condition that exists in the body when it has enough essential nutrients to go around.  There’s no more battling.  There’s no more waring.  37.2 trillion cells are happy.

Who needs satiety?  Everybody!  It’s far, far, far more than the sense of feeling full.  Sure, you’ll get that too, and it lasts much longer than fullness from calories and volume, but along with satiety comes a vast array of health benefits not otherwise present.  You have to experience it to fully understand it.

So, the next time you’re making the choice between that cinnamon roll and how to never be hungry, remember…You’re the peace keeper and you’ve got a few trillion cells depending on you.

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