How To Stay Healthy: What Does My Body Need?

By Dani Walker

How To Stay Healthy

Just what do we need to stay healthy?

We need four elements to stay healthy: 1) water, 2) sunlight, 3) nutrients and 4) oxygen. Unfortunately, the overuse or misuse of either one of the four elements will lead to disease formation. We could not live without oxygen, but this precious element could also be the source of our destruction.

The theory of free radicals or oxidation is the most accepted theory in the scientific world. This theory insinuates that we get “oxidized” in a simple word, we rust.

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For example, observe an iron rod little by little, with the action of water, wind and sun exposure, this iron rod will rust.

This is what happens to us as our cells “oxidize”: Our arteries get plugged, our brain gets damaged, our bones become brittle and our lungs get darker due to cigarette smoking or pollution from air, water, food and toxic personal care products. Every cell and organ in our body is submitted to the damage of free radicals.

Nutrition: How To Stay Healthy

I am sure you have heard the saying “You are what you eat!”  Well you are actually what you absorb.

Studies have shown that poor nutrition and malnourishment are reflected by a decrease in blood levels of micronutrients and trace elements as well as many vitamins.  I have confirmed this with Sarcoidosis (My husband was dx in 2004 and has successfully used natural sarcoidosis treatment) and many other autoimmune diseases through much research at  There are over 26 different studies that consider oxidative stress the underlying pathology of Sarcoidosis & other ILD’s and over 160 studies relating oxidative stress to diabetes.

Fat accumulation is also generated by malnutrition (mainly caused by lack of nutrition in foods we eat) which also generates inflammation in the body.

Inflammation seems to be at the base of many diseases. One of the consequences of malnutrition, inflammation and obesity is a disease called metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is the generic name of chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia. All of these conditions are the result of inactivity and poor nutrition.

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Another common saying is “Americans are the most overfed undernourished people in the world.”  Processed, fatty foods filled with empty calories are at our fingertips and we are paying greatly.  Right now Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Obesity & Cancer are ALL on an epidemic rise in America alone.  It is time to take back our life, stay healthy and empower others to do the same!

Stay Healthy Or…

Here are just a few of the consequences to lack of nutrition:

Your pancreas, the organ responsible for the production of insulin, the hormone that helps to regulate blood sugar, will be overworked. Eventually, your pancreas won’t be able to provide based on the overhauling demand and will collapse.  Eventually leading to Diabetes.  Lower Your A1C Naturally
High fat and high cholesterol levels will oxidize your L.D.L. (low density lipoproteins) what we call the bad cholesterol. Your liver which is also overworked won’t be able to clear up the excess fat. Oxidized L.D.L. will penetrate the walls of the arteries through the initial injury triggered by the free radicals. Rigidity or a loss of elasticity of the artery will follow and here is your hypertension that your mom gave you after nine months of suffering and tender love.

Studies are finding that as much as 70% of children 12 years old have the beginning stages of hardening of the arteries! As the process of poor nutrition continues and as your activity decreases, the arterial walls continue to be filled up and the plaque is formed. The plaque is the beginning of the end. This plaque will favor the formation of the clot that will trigger your heart attack or your stroke.

A low fiber diet will decrease your colon acidity and deprive your healthy bacterial intestinal flora from the necessary nutrients. Celiac, IBS, Allergies & more are a result of this lack in health and nutrition.sugar in soda

Osteoporosis has a lot to do with high animal protein diets as well as your high consumption of phosphorus rich soda drinks. Did you know that soda is 3,000 times more acidic than water, not to mention the massive amounts of sugar.  High refined carbohydrates will increase your calcium loss through the urine.  Lack of activity will speed it up.

Stay Healthy, It’s Simple

Learning how to stay healthy is simple; doing it takes effort, commitment & some work.

First of all, food should be consumed in its most natural way. Processed foods end up being poor nutritional sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and fibers.

These types of foods are filled with “empty” calories which cause additional cravings, addictions & overeating. Trace elements play a major role as a co-factor with antioxidants in the metabolism and integrity of organ functionality. Fibers bind toxins and nourish the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. Keeping your intestines healthy is of the utt mot importance because 80% of our immune system is in our intestinal tract referred to as “intestinal immunity”.  Fortunately, our body has a very sophisticated antioxidant system to fight the negative effects of nature.

With the help of a healthy life-style as well as appropriate nutrition and excellent supplementation our body can minimize the effects of oxidation and reverse or prevent dis-ease.

Every single testimonial on this site is due to people’s bodies healing through super-saturated nutrition.  From Sarcoidosis to Psoriasis our bodies get “out of whack” and then dis-ease is the result.  I meet people everyday who are tired of suffering & want to be healthy again.  I give them information and options and many of them choose to continue popping pills to “feel” better.

These supplements, referred to as the Triangle of Life are simply super-saturated extracts from naturally growing, powerful foods.  They can complement almost every drug treatment for any disease and add health and nutrition back into your life.

Enjoy your life, save your time & money & Stay healthy!

Your wellness advocate and friend,

Dani Walker

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