The Key To Success Is Failure!

By Dani Walker

key to success is failure

Why The Key To Success Is Failure

key to success is failureAs I get ready to go on an all expense paid 5 day vacation with my husband (Tell you all about it when I get back!) I am looking back at every accomplishment that got me here & realizing how the key to success is failure.

I have done so many things wrong, made so many mistakes & failed numerous time but I have NEVER given up, never quit, never allowed my failures to steal my opportunity for success.  Where are you today?  Every choice you have ever made has lead you to this point today.  To reading my key to success is failure “post of inspiration”…

How many times have you failed?  How many times have you tried something that did not work?  A diet? A supplement?  A job? A business? A marriage?  What was it that failed?  Did you give it enough?  Enough time? Enough attention? Enough love? Enough desire?

If you did then my guess is you do not look at it as a failure but a success, even if it did not work out as hoped in the end.  I know that my marriage of 15 years has had its’ moments of failure but we are still standing together.  I know 3 years of medical treatment for Jack did not heal him.  Because it left him in worse shape than when he started I consider it a success because it forced us to look outside the prescriptions and go for natural treatments for Sarcoidosis.

My Key To Success Is Failure

As long as I don’t quit my key to success is always failure.  I am not one to get it all right and perfect the first try and that is ok.  I realize that every failure is my one step closer to success.  My tenacity and desire to help people overcome the limitations of disease and debt has driven me to succeed even on the days when I fail.  The days when I feel like it is not working, it never will work…on the days when someone who committed to give their health 90 days quit after just 30…even on the days when everyone around me was saying it will never work…I never quit.

I encourage you today.  You are not the only one who has failed at something.  Life can let us all down if we allow it to but my key to success if failure and those like Thomas Edison would agree.

He found 10,000 ways to do it wrong before he finally got it right!  What a success.

I leave this week for vacation.  My husband and I get an all expense paid trip for 2 because I refused to give up.  I refused to quit and what some did in 8 months took me 3 years.  Do you think I am bummed about that?  Heck no, I am thrilled and excited to see what growth the future brings.

I chose over 3 years ago to partner with a company that could really make a difference in many people’s lives.  I planted a seed and started a movement.  Now I plan to grow that movement and I know our key to success is failure!

See you at the top!

Dani Walker


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