Keyword Research Tutorial

By Dani Walker

Keyword Research: Know Your Niche

keyword research 2020Researching keywords helps you know your niche market.

It’s almost 2020 and I haven’t posted on my site for over a year now. So where the heck have I been and what’s up with

Well, I’ve really been busy building a website, social media brand and marketing for my husband Jack’s stump grinding business. These things take time and that’s why most people hire someone like me to do it for them. He’s a lucky guy!

With AI it becomes quite a challenge to keep up with all of Googles algorithms and that’s why those with small businesses need to hone their marketing plans more than ever in 2020.

When it comes to planning I always start with keyword research. We must think like our ideal client and then figure out which keyword phrases they’re searching are most profitable for us to target with our marketing plan.

Example: Keyword Research In Action

My husband and I moved to Boise ID last year and started a Stump Grinding Service. Thus, I’ve been thinking like a homeowner with nasty stumps that need ground for the past year and writing ads, social media messages and content that work to get Google to point these clients our way.  Like I always say, optimizing your content is as much an art as it is a science.

On our website we must write for Google bots to find our posts/pages and for people to want to read the information we write about. FUN!

So who is your ideal client? What need, want, etc do you provide/solve for them?

At Stump Removal Northwest Inc we grind stumps for homeowners, contractors and property management companies in the Boise ID and Treasure Valley communites.

As we go further down the rabbit hole of marketing and thinking like our ideal client we need to do some keyword research.

Let me expand on this keyword targeting concept a bit.  You see keywords are simple phrases your ideal client or target market are typing into Google or hashtagging # on social media.  It’s their hobby, interest, thoughts, passions, desires, dreams, things, places etc that they are focused on.

If you have a vacation rental you want to those looking at coming to your town to find your rental and you want to find those interested in your town online too. This is why knowing what they are searching is so important. You can gear your content toward those phrases and then use your social media to find those interested in traveling to your town.

Why Do Keywords Matter?

Because I said so…lol.  Just kidding, let’s think about it like this, if you just bought a house in Oregon City, OR with a stump in the yard and you were tired of mowing around it, stepping over it and trying NOT to stub your toe on it, what would you “google” to find a stump grinder to grind your stump? The phrase you would search for or “google” is the keyword phrase.

Maybe you would search:

or some form of this. These are all keyword phrases and we can use these phrases to target our ideal client. We have a service that is bound by a geographical location but maybe you have a product that anyone in the USA or abroad can purchase. Take these aspects into consideration when doing your research.

Also keep in mind that people are using voice to search which can change the phrases a bit. Instead of typing we can now TELL or ask Siri or Alexa to find what ever we want. Thus targeting voice phrases is also a must.

For example….instead of the phrases above, what might someone say to Alexa. Alexa find a stump grinding business near me. What company grinds stumps in Oregon City? How can I get my stump out of my yard?

These are examples of voice search phrases that our clients may use and we should also target these phrases when creating content on our site, videos, social media etc.

We could go on but I think you get the gist and this video may shine more light on the subject of keyword research in 2020.

It’s your turn…what keyword research can you do to come up with 5-10 keyword phrases that are specific to your target market?

Before you go…

  • I’m ready to take on a few more clients in 2020.
  • I will only work with 6 clients and do an expensive interview before choosing.
  • If you are looking for a marketing consultant to help inspire, direct and grow your business, then reach out. I’d love to be your marketing muse!

Simply send an email to with “Marketing Muse Inquiry” as the subject and I will respond pronto!

Cheers to the new year!


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