Sarcoidosis Treatment Guidelines

By Dani Walker

What Are Sarcoidosis Treatment Guidelines?

If you have Sarcoidosis you are very familiar with the treatment guidelines and the fact that allopathic treatment has not changed much over the past 30 years.  So I ask that you read with an open mind and realize that Western Medicine is still “practicing” the same treatment guidelines for Sarcoidosis and most other diseases that they were in 1970.

Isn’t the definition of insanity “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

After watching what corticosteroids did to my husband – we both found ourselves wondering which was worse; prednisone or Sarcoidosis?  Many are now being treated with methotrexate a very powerful chemo drug in conjunction with corticosteroids!  What the heck are we thinking?

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In my research of Sarcoidosis over the past 7 years I have read many published medical studies, sarcoidosis articles, books, met 100’s of people with Sarc, read every ebook from Aden Protocol to Chinese Secrets To Sarcoidosis Healing & interviewed Dr’s from all facets of medicine.  Today I find myself ready to write my own story of our “Sabbatical With Sarcoidosis”  as I call it.

A story where traditional Sarcoidosis treatment guidelines were fallowed strictly for 3 years to no avail only to lead to of a path least traveled or, should I say, least publicized…the path that leads to true healing without limitations of disease or the debt caused by it.

I sit so frustrated and disgusted with the current sick state of America.  Looking at the recent cancer, heart disease, obesity, autism & diabetes stats rising astronomically.  There once was a day when everybody looked at me like I made the word “Sarcoidosis” up and now it seems that everyone knows someone who has it.

What if Sarcoidosis treatment guidelines are all wrong and only lead down a path of further death and destruction with more medications, side effects, disease & degeneration?  What if you could take the path less traveled & regain hope for healing this misunderstood disease?  What if there was a way to repair the damage of Sarcoidosis without causing more damage through dangerous medications?

Successful Sarcoidosis Treatment Guidelines

Taking back your health is a process.  Anyone with a disease like Sarcoidosis knows the tole it takes on themselves and those they love.  It effects every facet of life & we are all desperate to end it.  After 3 years of medical treatment for sarcoidosis Jack came to a crossroad that read, “proceed with caution”.  One direction said “Healing, choose your own path” & the other “Continue.”  Continue taking high dose prednisone & then add Lipitor to counteract the side effects of prednisone.  Continue gaining weight, having vertigo, getting chronic bronchitis, taking antibiotics, continue, continue, continue allowing yourself to be the “Sarcoidosis guinea pig” allopathic medicine is “practicing” on with their unsuccessful Sarcoidosis treament guidelines.

When 3 specialist you have seen for 3 years & trusted with your life (given every dime you have and more) tell you “we hope it burns out” and then hand you a prescription for Lipitor the neon flashing sign “Proceed with caution” is very bright and hard to miss.sarcoidosis pictures

We as a family took the exit.  “Healing, choose your own path!” and have not looked back.  It has been 2 1/2 years and Jack is free of all symptoms of Sarcoidosis.  He has become an avid bycyclist, snowmobiler & white water rafter.  I have my husband back and our boys have their Father.

It has taken time & commitment to regenerate his body using natural Sarcoidosis treatment but this time the guidelines are our own & have been more than successful.  This blog is dedicated to helping healthy people stay that way and sick people GET that way!

Hope to heal,

Dani Walker





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