Sarcoidosis Symptoms Natural Remedies

By Dani Walker

Sarcoidosis Symptoms Natural Remedies

Betty Jackson was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in her eyes and lungs in 1996.  She has spent the last 15 years of her life fighting Sarcoidosis Symptoms and searching for natural remedies for both Sarcoidosis and diabetes.  If you are searching for answers outside of prescriptions please be sure to get our Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series by clicking Sarcoidosis Natural Remedies now.

Natural Remedies For Sarcoidosis Symptoms

Sarcoidosis Symptoms Can Be Helped With Natural Remedies

In addition to several lifestyle modifications outlined in our Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series, here is exactly what both, Jack, Betty, & many others with Sarcoidosis are taking a 1/2 oz. of every morning.  (Note: some people are taking 1 oz of Fucoydon instead of a  1/2 oz.)

triangle of lifeClick Here To Order – Choose preferred customer, then find them under the “Age Reversal” section.

Eternity – packed with pure trans resveratrol, quercetin & additional polyphenols that attack viruses, pathogens, improve oxygen levels in blood, decrease inflammation, boost mitochondria (the energy centers of our cells).  This one supplement has over 12,000 published studies on it’s efficacious natural ingredients on

Fucoydon – Referred to as “Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory” this nutrient found in it’s highest concentration in Limu Moui seaweed is studied all over the world because of it’s ability to boost the immune system by over 400% in just 12 days.  Intestinal Immunity is the most important aspect of health but is often ignored by modern medicine.

Spectramaxx – Organic fulvate (fulvic acid from plants) packed antioxidant supplement including 40 different antioxidants & 74 essential trace minerals.  This supplement is complete with live enzymes, photonic energy, vitamins and minerals to fight oxidative stress from both ROS (reactive oxygen species) and RNS (reactive nitrogen species).  These species both damage cells causing them to mutate.

Relieve Sarcoidosis Symptoms With These Natural Remedies

sarcoidosis picture

Dani’s Husband Jack: How to recover from Sarcoidosis. A seemingly incurable disease. Click here to read more…


“In 6 months all my vertigo, coughing, aches and pains, & swollen lymph nodes were gone!”  Jack Walker  read full story Sarcoidosis Treatment Natural

“I took fucoydon for 3 months and my swollen lymph nodes went down considerably, then I stopped taking it for 2 months and not only did my lymph nodes start swelling but my energy levels went down & I started aching again.  It was a huge confirmation that Fucoydon was working for me.”  Brenda

“After 4 months on these 3 supplements I can sing again without having a complete coughing attack!  It has been 2 years since I’ve been able to do that.” Alecia

“As soon as my husband started taking 1/2 oz. of all three supplements his dry, nagging cough went away.  Every time he runs out…the cough comes back.”  Jacquoline

If you or someone you know is suffering from a chronic autoimmune related disease like Sarcoidosis there is HOPE!  These are simply bio-available whole food supplements that can complement any western medicine.  So far they are the most effective, healthy and simple Sarcoidosis symptoms natural remedies that we have found.  When incorporating these along with breathing techniques, proper hydration, energy work and a few simple tests…people are having tremendous results within 90 days!

Together we can stop the suffering; please share this information with everyone and let those you love know there IS hope for healing.  If you have any questions please contact me.


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Alma Rubio

My daugther has saicordosis she is 14 years old but she stated when she was only 2 years old can I give Eternity to her


    Alma, Eternity does have a caffeine blend in it but Essential Eternity does not. Both of my boys ages 11 and 15 take the regular Eternity everyday as it is high in omegas, antioxidants etc. Feel free to email me with any other questions.

Carpal tunnel

I have searched the world over for this information.

Fucoidan Super Saturated Potency | Hugh And Nathalie

[…] has helped 1,000′s of people with everything from chronic fatigue, Sarcoidosis& diabetes to cancer.  There are 100′s of different Fucoidan formulas on the market […]


Hi,does this help MS?

    Dani Walker

    Hello Donna, thank you for asking. Many people with MS have had improvement. Here is one testimonial to listen to These are natural supplements created to help keep us healthy and give our cells the nutrients needed to repair and regenerate healthy cellular function.


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