Scientific Studies On Sarcoidosis & ILDs Natural Treatment

By Dani Walker

Natural Sarcoidosis Treatment Your Dr. Could Be Missing

sarcoidosis treatmentSarcoidosis Treatment – here are 5 published scientific studies suggesting that supplementing with broad spectrum antioxidant nutrition could help slow and/or reverse the signs of Sarcoidosis.

There are 26 studies total but I did not want this post to be a book – to check them all out just go to and search sarcoidosis oxidative stress!

First of all Oxidative stress is an imbalance between oxidants -reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and antioxidants that may affect lipids, DNA, carbohydrates and proteins.  Science has identified around 2200 different groups of free radicals (oxidants) in our bodies & Sarcoidosis patients have much higher oxidative stress levels than people without Sarc.

Every one of these studies can be researched by clicking on the blue word & you can read the entire findings for yourself to draw your own conclusion but I consider my husband Jack living proof that these studies are right.  His sarcoidosis has been in remission for 19 months now (11/03/10) through supplementing with 3 broad spectrum antioxidant liquid nutritionals.  These supplements have been a major part of his sarcoidosis treatment since 2009.

5 Pubmed Studies On Natural Sarcoidosis Treatment

1.  ROS – reactive oxygen species are responsible for the tissue damage in interstitial lungdiseases (ILDs) such as lung fibrosis or sarcoidosis. This is a lead in the development of new therapies and of suggesting optimal antioxidant dietary regimes.

2.  A potential role of oxidative stress in the step by step development of a disease and the chain of events leading to diffuse lung diseases (DLD) has been demonstrated.  Increased oxidant levels and decreased antioxidant defences can contribute to the progression of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, pneumoconiosis and pulmonary fibrosis associated with systemic sclerosis.

3.  Future studies should explore the clinical relevance of the relation of oxidative stress, antioxidant therapy and cardiac dysfunction in sarcoidosis.

4.  Sarcoidosis patients might benefit from antioxidant supplementation not only by


Broad Spectrum Antioxidants

empowering the relatively low protection against ROS but also by reducing inflammation.

OK, I just have to ask you to read this statement 1 more time & ask yourself why Dr.s & specialists don’t recommend antioxidant supplementation!!!  Jack was NEVER informed of these results.  Thank goodness I stumbled on them through my own research AFTER his specialists stopped treating him.

5.  Oxidative mechanisms are currently discussed as playing a crucial role in the

SISEL Fucoidan

FuCoyDon “Natures Natural Anti Inflammatory”

pathogenesis of inflammatory lung diseases.  Oxidative stress increases in sarcoidosis might be due to both increase in lipid peroxidation and decrease in antioxidant status (PON1).


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If you have Sarcoidosis or any other autoimmune disease please do your research, share this information and help raise awareness for natural treatments that work for many diseases & stop the suffering.

Your wellness advocate,

Dani Walker

P.S. My Thoughts On Sarcoidosis Treatment

I saved this for the last…because many don’t like to hear what I have to say.  So if you start to get uncomfortable, stop reading and keep doing exactly what western medicine doctors tell you to.  Disease is scary and no one wants to lose a loved one so I understand your apprehension because we chose the same route for 3 years as well.

I am going to focus on Sarcoidosis natural treatment specifically because this is the disease that tried to steal my husband.  Many diseases can be helped with these natural remedies, just check out the testimonials.

First of all, if you read this post, re-read it and know that these are published studies in the National Library of Medicine – not every study gets published just the ones with result worth publishing.  Most never even get finished because it is quickly realized by the “funders” of these HIGHLY expensive studies that they are not worth continuing.  Here we have 26 published on natural Sarcoidosis treatment with broad spectrum antioxidants.

After discovering these studies through much research (up late at night, worrying my hubby may not make it & trying to find answers) I read in amazement.  Natural Sarcoidosis treatment could work!?  Why didn’t our Dr.s and specialists ever tell Jack to supplement with a broad spectrum antioxidant?  What if it actually helps?  Well, guess what…it did, it does and it could for you too.  Jack takes only 1/2 oz. of 3 liquid nutritionals, Fucoydon, Spectramaxx & Eternity, every day and has been symptom free for almost 2 years.  No more drugs, vertigo, pain, fatigue, coughing, colds………natural treatments work & he is LIVING proof!

Our entire story as well as lots of other results and research are here for you to gain hope and share with those seeking natural sarcoidosis treatment & regenerative nutrition.  “Wellness is the connection of paths between knowledge and action.” Dani Walker

Restoring hope for health and wellness!



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