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Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Alternatives


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Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Alternatives

After 9 years battling Sarcoidosis we’ve FINALLY finished our Sarcoidosis su

rvival book/audio series – Education Beats Medication Against All Odds!

  • Sarcoidosis diet with tasty recipes
  • breathing techniques to improve lung function
  • simple exercises to spur your lymphatic system
  • how to naturally soothe skin and remove scar tissue (yes, even fibrocystic granulomas)
  • non-invasive diagnostic tests that are 1/10th the cost of PET or CT Scans
  • what’s triggering granulomas & how to stop it
  • the best anti-inflammatory recipes and scientifically proven supplements

Everyone who has begged us to put it all together in one place…This is all the information we wish we had BEFORE Jack was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2004.   Since there was no guide or anything like it for people with Sarcoidosis we had to become our own medical investigators and figure out how to fight this nasty disease from a western medicine and alternative medicine perspective.  If you have Sarcoidosis, consider this your survival guide and know that we are here to offer encouragement and support on your toughest days.  If Jack can heal, you can too!

Using the Sarcoidosis natural treatment strategies we share in the Education Beats Medication series, my husband Jack has been in remission for 4 1/2 years (as of January 2014) & he’s out snowmobiling as I type!  Below is just a snippet of the last 9 years researching every option available to overcome this seemingly incurable disease!  May our story inspire you to think outside the prescription and never give up!



P.S.  This is the “mini-mini version”.  The complete chronicle of how Sarcoidosis affected our family from Jack himself to our children, is in the book we co-wrote, Education Beats Medication  This is a total wellness series which also includes 10 medical expert interviews that educate you on 15 alternative methods of healing, even if you are currently on medications for any illness.

Our Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Story:

Jack spent 6 months going back and forth for this test and that test before they finally ruled everything else out.  In August 2004 we got the results back from his biopsy & his diagnosis was Sarcoidosis of the lymph, heart & lungs.

Our first response was “What is that? Is it worse than Lymphoma?”

Jack was only 31 and I, Dani, was 29, both far too young (or at least we thought) to be dealing with a deadly disease and at the time neither of us had ever heard the word, let alone understood it’s gravity.  Our boys were only 4 and 8 & all I could think about was raising them alone.

Fear & uncertainty caused us to choose traditional (Allopathic) Sarcoidosis treatment. After all, we knew NOTHING about Sarcoidosis & it is scary to go against the norm, choose not to listen to Drs and find a better way…hopefully.

So Jack spent the next 3 years going to a Pulmonologist, ENT & Rheumatologist. He took 60mg of prednisone for a year.  Then the next year he took 40mg a day.  He gained 65 pounds in 5 months, could not sleep, was very agitated, etc on top of the chronic coughing, extreme aches and pain, fatigue, granulous tumors (that kept on growing even while on prednisone).   He felt that he knew more about Sarcoidosis than his Drs did and by 2007 he was taking 6 medication & they wanted to add one more!   After 3 years he was left hopelessly searching for some other way and chose to wean himself off prednisone.  He chose quality of life over quantity and my journey into becoming a medical investigator began.

As I said before, natural treatment for Sarcoidosis did not exist so I had to figure out through real medical and clinical studies what direction to go & time was of the essence.  I dove in head first in an attempt to prevent my deepest fears of losing my husband.

sarcoidosis natural treatment

My husband, Jack, during Sarcoidosis and after! There is hope to heal.

You can see the swollen lymph nodes under his chin, as well as the “moon face” caused by taking high dose prednisone for so long.  By February 2008 he was completely weaned off and from September of 2007 to May of 2009 Jack tried every natural remedy that came his way & I researched the underlying causes for Sarcoidosis so we could figure out exactly what to do to put it into remission without medications and surgeries.  I read the Aden Protocol and even though the information was good, it was mostly available for free online.  The diet she recommends is so strict and the supplements so expensive that Jack could not make a life long commitment to something so extreme and with further research I came to think that the book was written by a ghost writer & all the claims are false.  (I researched this heavily for 3 years and am 100% certain)

For the first 3 months of research I kept feeling like I was circling the drain.  Getting nowhere fast and ending up right back at square one but then I finally found some real science, with medically based evidence about dietary nutrients that were clinically proven to help people with Sarcoidosis!  Click Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment to read these studies.

By this time Jack was his own guinea pig and tried everything.  We were well on our journey into Sarcoidosis natural treatment, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, different diets, Chinese herbs, cleanses, etc. etc. etc.  After finding this research, we really focused on adding these nutrients to his daily regimen & by late 2009 Jack was in complete remission.  What 3 years of medical treatment could not do, we did naturally in just 18 months!

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Remedies:

In May of 2009 even though we were broke, we were hoping supplementing would help some of the pain, vertigo, chronic colds, fatigue and anxiety he was still suffering.  So Jack started taking two natural supplements daily.

FYI – nutritional supplements will not be enough for successful natural Sarcoidosis treatment but they can certainly be the icing on the cake.  

After 3 months taking 1 tablespoon daily of 2 supplements called Fucoydon & Spectramaxx his results were nothing short of miraculous.  During this time a nutrient dense diet, exercise, mind/body work, and more were all a part of his Sarcoidosis natural treatment regimen which we give much more detail about in the Sarcoidosis survival guide, Education Beats Medication, click Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment to learn more about diet, nutrition and natrual remedies.

lymphatic sarcoidosis picture

June 2008

natural sarcoidosis treatment

November 2009

The picture taken 6 mo. after adding whole food nutrients…No more swollen lymph nodes, aching, inflammation, vertigo, no more moon face & he is whole again!

Jack & others suffering with Sarcoidosis take 1/2 to 1 oz. a day of the supplements referred to as the Triangle Of Life: Fucoydon, Spectramaxx & Eternity.  Some are in the same financial boat we were and choose to start with Fucoydon & Spectramaxx.  Something is better than nothing!

triangle of life

Click here to purchase. Customers get a 20% rebate.

Fucoidan; the active ingredient in FuCoyDon, is a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed which is believed to be natures most diverse and effective cell signaler. 

Fucoidan has been revered for centuries as Mother Nature’s best anti-inflammatory.  To read more about FuCoyDon  click here… sarcoidosis natural treatment.

Just like everything else Jack tried, he committed to take these for 90 days to see what they could do for his Sarcoidosis symptoms.  We looked at the expense as his monthly “health insurance” and cut the cost of the Oriental medicine Dr. he was seeing to pay for these remedies.

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Success:

Jack has been in remission for 4 1/2  years now, is riding his mountain bike and white water rafting again.  He does not have any scar tissue, nor symptoms of Sarcoidosis.  No “flare ups” etc.  We are able to LIVE as a family and enjoy the freedom of great health & have been honored to speak at several Sarcoidosis conferences and group events.  If he can heal, you can too. Never give up hope!

This healing inspired us to start this blog, our radio talk shows, work with many Sarkies and finally create our Sarcoidosis Survival Guide “Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series“!  We have been honored to help raise awareness for Sarcoidosis research and families suffering through Sarcoidosis.

If you are struggling with ANY chronic autoimmune disease please get a copy of our book.  It comes with 10 interviews with alternative health experts from around the world and will better educate you so you can make more informed decisions for your health.  To order the book in print click here be sure to email after your Amazon purchase so I can send you the audios too!  But I highly recommend you get instant access to the  ebook/audios version by clicking Natural Sarcoidosis Treatment so you can start taking back your health today.

Thank you so much for letting us share this Sarcoidosis natural treatment information with you.  Please feel free to contact me directly & know that Jack & I are both here to help.

Your Wellness Advocate & friend, Dani Walker

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