Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Alternatives

By Dani Walker

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Alternatives


sarcoidosis natural treatmentEveryone has begged us to put it all together in one place and after 11 years spent battling Sarcoidosis & 6+ years in remission, we’ve FINALLY finished our Sarcoidosis survival book & audio series; The Education Beats Medication Total Wellness Series!

This is all the information we wish we had BEFORE Jack was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2004.   Since there was no guide or anything like it for people with Sarcoidosis we had to become our own medical investigators and figure out how to fight this nasty disease from a western medicine and alternative medicine perspective.

If you have Sarcoidosis, consider this your survival guide and know that we are here to offer encouragement and support on your toughest days.  Jack has been in remission since May 2009 using the exact methods we share in our book and audio series and if he can heal, you can too!

Sarcoidosis natural treatment:

Below is just a snippet of years spent researching every option available to overcome this seemingly incurable disease!  May our story inspire you to think outside the prescription and never give up!

We share very openly how Sarcoidosis affected our family from diagnosis to remission and everything in between in the Education Beats Medication total wellness series, click Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment to preview the entire series. 

Our Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Story:

Jack spent 6 months going back and forth for this test and that test before they finally ruled everything else out.  In August 2004 we got the results back from his biopsy & his diagnosis was Sarcoidosis of the lymph, heart & lungs.

Our first response was “What is that? Is it worse than Lymphoma?”

Jack was only 31 and I, Dani, was 28, both far too young (or at least we thought) to be dealing with a deadly disease and at the time neither of us had ever heard the word, let alone understood it’s gravity.  Our boys were only 4 and 8 & all I could think about was raising them alone.

Fear & uncertainty caused us to choose traditional (Allopathic) Sarcoidosis treatment. After all, we knew NOTHING about Sarcoidosis & it is scary to go against the norm, choose not to listen to Drs and find a better way.

So Jack spent the next 3 years going to a Pulmonologist, ENT & Rheumatologist. He took 60mg of prednisone for a year and 40mg a day for another.  He gained 65 pounds in 5 months, could not sleep, was very agitated, etc on top of the chronic coughing, extreme aches and pain, fatigue, granulous tumors (that kept on growing even while on prednisone).   He felt that he knew more about Sarcoidosis than his Drs did and by 2007 he was taking 6 medication & they wanted to add one more!   After 3 years he was left hopelessly searching for some other way and chose to wean himself off prednisone.

Jack chose quality of life over quantity and my journey into becoming a medical investigator began.

As I said before, there was not a Sarcoidosis diet, or natural treatment options that we knew of  so we had to use trial and error to figure out what would help his body fight Sarcoidosis naturally.  I dove head first into the clinical studies, complementary and alternative medicine, and sarcoidosis research in an attempt to prevent my deepest fears of losing my husband.  We were desperate for lasting solutions that would not cause further damage to his already sick body and within 18 months he was in complete remission and has remained so to this day!

What 3 years of medical treatment could not do, natural alternatives did in just 18 months!

ebm total wellness series

sarcoidosis natural treatment

My husband, Jack, during Sarcoidosis and after! There is hope to heal.

You can see the swollen lymph nodes under his chin, as well as the “moon face” caused by taking high dose prednisone for so long.

We dedicate 6 chapters of our book to foods to eat, foods to avoid, healing nutrients, scientific proof specific to each nutrient and it’s positive effects, bio-available supplements and exactly how to eat, cleanse, supplement etc to maximum benefit without feeling worse.  (It can be dangerous if not done properly)

Another chapter of the book is dedicated to research on a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweed which is believed to be natures most diverse and effective cell signaler & is scientifically proven to stop tumor progression.

This nutrient, called Fucoidan, is on of several supplements Jack took to help his body overcome the damage of multiple prescription and Sarcoidosis.  Just like everything else Jack tried, he committed to each change for 90 days to see what they could do for his Sarcoidosis symptoms.  It is extremely important to commit to any lifestyle change for a minimum of 90 days.  We talk more about why in our book and cover this in depth with Neurological Chiropractors in one of the 10 audio interviews included in the series.

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Success:

sarcoidosis natural treatmentJack has been in remission since May 2009, is riding his bike and white water rafting again.  He does not have any scar tissue, nor symptoms of Sarcoidosis.  No “flare ups” etc.  We are able to LIVE as a family and enjoy the freedom of great health & have been honored to speak at several Sarcoidosis conferences and group events.  If he can heal, you can too. Never give up hope!

If you are struggling with ANY chronic autoimmune disease get a copy of our book & the audios; Education Beats Medication.  The book comes with 10 audio interviews we did with naturopaths, oriental medicine physicians, certified nutritionists, neurological chiropractors and more while researching and learning how to heal the body.  We paid $1000 to interview these specialists and are so thankful we did.

Now we put all the years of relentless research together to share with you so you can make more informed decisions for your own health and have some HOPE for recovery and living a better quality of life.

To review all that included in the series click Natural Sarcoidosis Treatment.

Thank you so much for letting us share this Sarcoidosis natural treatment information with you.  Please feel free to contact me directly & know that Jack & I are both here to help.


About the Author

This all natural Mom with a little sass & a lot of class loves red wine, white water rafting, real food, dark chocolate & sick people...that's right, you don't scare me! Online marketing & natural health are my specialties. My book on wellness proves that Education Beats Medication Click Here for a sneak peek. Stay tuned and contact me if you're ready to start thinking outside the prescription online & off!

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  • Ivan marinho

    good day,
    I wonder how I can access this remedy for sarcoidosis, porque eu moro no brasil , o valor , e como posso recebe-lo.

    agradeço pela atenção

    • dani

      Hello Ivan. At this time I must ship the products to you from the US. The company that formulates them is not able to ship to Brasil as of yet, but by mid 2012 will be.

  • Joshua Dalager

    I have been diagnosed Sarcoidosis, I’ve been put on predisone, methotrexiate, and antibiotics I’ve seen many doctors, practicioners, and specialists within the last 6 months I was just recently hospitialized because of the sarcoidosis flareup in my lungs (I couldn’t breath) if you have any information on things that I could do other than the methotrexiate and prednizone please email me. I’ve been told this disease is “incurable” yet the studies I’ve read have shown sarcoidosis to be a bacteria treatable with high doses of various cyclines; included but not limited to doxycycline, monocycline, etc. I want to know that I’m on the right path I want to make the healthiest choice possible and above all I want to completely get rid of this disease. Im scared of the “shock” experienced after the treatment and I want to be sure I am the healthiest I can be before I start treatment. Please, please please, I would appreciate any help with this my wife and I have been through so much with this disease. Thank-you for your time.
    Joshua Dalager

    • dani

      Hello Josh, so great to talk with you today! Thanks for sharing your experience. You are not alone, as these are the mainstream allopathic treatments for Sarcoidosis and other ILD’s as well as arthritis etc. There is tons of information online. Some contradicts everything you may have been told up to now. I was 29 when Jack was dx. our boys were only 4 & 8. Over the next 4 years the shower and the car became my safe places to cry, scream & let out my emotions I was trying hide by staying strong for everyone.

      I know the stress disease puts on everyone, neither of you are alone and more of us need to speak out to offer some support and hope. You are on the right path…just remember it is your path, it’s your health & it will take time but Dr. Linus Pauling said it best “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”! Our soils are now depleted by as much as 85% of most minerals so if we are not getting these from our food…where are we getting them?

      Over the last 2 years I have been transformed…I use to believe that organic gardening, eating raw, staying away from hormone, pesticides etc was enough….after Jack got sick it took us almost 6 years to realize it was nutrient deficiencies and when he gave his body the nutrients it needed…it naturally does what it is made to do…be healthy! We are amazing ~ medical science will never master the human body ~ we are created to be healthy, this is our natural state. Ok, I am getting down off my soap box, lol…I am not a Dr., I make no medical claims nor treat or cure any disease. I share what my husband, my family and many others have done and are doing to regenerate healthy naturally. Really looking forward to your walk in wellness! Dani

  • Jacqueline

    My mom has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis for almost 2 years. The doctors first put her on steroids but it caused her upper body to swell up so they took her off for several months. Just recently they put her back on and this is very upsetting. I was just looking at testimony how the natural products basically cured a man’s sarcoidosis or put in in remission. I want my mom to get a break from this disease. I love her so much and I don’t want this awful illness to take her away. She been spending so much money on doctors. She’s always in pain, always tired, and she just feels awful.

    • dani

      Hello Jacqueline, that is my husband. He has been in remission now for 3 years and all of his follow ups show no scar tissue or remaining granulomas! It has been a long road over the last 8 years but we found a path to healing for him and share our story to offer hope to others suffering with Sarcoidosis and other autoimmune diseases. I have sent you and email and hope to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to 7 steps to optimal health. There are some simple things we can all do to help our bodies heal. Thanks again, Dani

  • Alejandra

    Hi dani, my mum has had pulmonary sarcoidosis for years and it is spreading. She is now on 24/7 oxygen. We have been advised she should consider a lung transplant. I want to buy the triangle of life products but we are in Australia. How can we get these products? Alejandra.

    • dani

      Hello Alejandra, I have sent you an email and put you in touch with a wonderful women who can help you get these supplements in Australia to help your Mum! Please let me know if I can help in any way and be sure to subscribe to 7 steps to optimal health as well. This is how my husband has overcome Sarcoidosis naturally.

  • Virginia Palmer

    Hello Dani..,
    I came across your website by chance when I was looking for answers in how to treat my sarcoidosis in my lungs. I was diagnosed back in Feb, 2012 and now was told by my autoimmune doc that my blood work came back saying I also have an seperate autoimmune disease of “Manna-Binding Lechtin deficiency” and no IGG left. He told me I need to go on a immunoglobin Gamma replacement therapy once a month for life in an IV. He explained it was thousands of donors plasma rhat they use.
    I can’t begin to explain how afraid I am and just don’t know what to decide. The problem is I get sick from anything and this is suppose to protect me. I have been on prednisone fir the sard and it’s already causing other issues. I am a 46 yr old women who tries hard to take care of myself. They explained that since I don’t produce these important antibioties that it doesn’t matter how many Vitimins I take that it would not will change my health. I have also always worked and now my health concerns has made everything worse in both my marriage and not being able to work.
    Thank you for your encouraging words in helping us all who are experiencing similar concerns.:)


    • dani

      Hello Ginny, I am not sure what to say. I know how scary one disease can be and many times one autoimmune disease leads to another. After researching MBL I think you probably had it long before Sarcoidosis but that is just my opinion.

      The replacement therapy seems to be the only option I could find as well. Are you still taking pred? What organs is Sarc attacking? I do not want you to answer all these personal questions here so please respond to my email I just sent.

      I can say that Fucoydon would be an option to help you if you are willing to give it a try. I have a client/friend who has a rare blood disease and must take chemo drugs daily (& has for the last 15 years). The Fucoydon & Eternity have helped him live a more normal life and overcome the complete exhaustion and migraine head aches caused by the chemo.

      I hope to hear from you and am here for support, always. Dani

  • Ceth

    Hi Dani,

    My brother was diagnosed with sarcoidosis nearly two years ago. He started of by taking the steroids as suggested by doctors and later left it as they were not very affective. He now has lumps in his lungs that cause breathing problems.
    Please let me know how can I get these products and will they be beneficial. We all are confused as we don’t know the cure of it.

    • dani

      Hello Ceth, no one knows the cause or the cure. Sarcoidosis is another medical mystery and we all must be our own health advocates or we end up someone’s guinea pig. Jack & I know this all to well and even though this blog has evolved, it is why I started it. We want to help those willing to think outside the prescription because the prescriptions only mask the symptoms and never cure the disease.

      I can not guarantee any results by taking these supplements. EVERYONE responds differently and what works for one may not work for another…much like my husband and your brother on steroids…neither of them had any benefit.

      I can say that these supplements will provide some form of physiological benefit IF your brother is willing to take them daily for 90 days. I have yet to have one person (of 1,000’s) take them for this amount of time without any benefit. To order go to and click on become a preferred customer. (this will help another fellow Sarcie as well by giving her free product).

      If you want more science and research on the benefits of antioxidants for those with Sarcoidosis please refer to my earlier post

      All of my suggestions for overcoming Sarcoidosis naturally are backed by scientific and even clinical studies. I appreciate your love for your brother and am here to offer support. Many of the medical Drs are not even aware of these studies and can not actually offer any advice on diet and nutrition nor the powerful benefits of broad spectrum supplements, for fear of losing their license.

      Please pass this information on to your brother and anyone else with Sarcoidosis. Hugs to you and he both. Dani

      • Gerardo

        I Need the triangule of life!! But im in El Salvador. Hoy do i buy the product? I have sarc in liver, lungs, my gastrointestinal sistem is way bad, insomnia, paín… Help Please !!!!!

        • dani

          Hello Gerardo I hope you got my email??? At this time I can supply you with these supplements but the international shipping is spendy. Please let me know if I can help in any way and be sure to subscribe to 7 steps because those will offer some guidance and results as well.

  • nb

    Hi Dani, Your website is quite inspiring for the ones suffering. My brother has sarc of the lung. Where do you think he should start regarding the supplements you suggest. Also I hope you dont mind me asking this but how can I confirm this website and everything is not a scam. I have already been bitten.

    • dani

      Thanks NB. I assure you that this site is real. The testimonials are real and many people with sarcoidosis are having amazing results. I am available and offer my contact info if you ever want to talk. If you click on the testimonials above you will hear from other people using these supplements. As for your brother…is he on any medication? I know the best results come for those who use all 3 for 90 days. Our bodies are made up of a trillion cells, each of which have 1 million receptors so it takes time for use to get sick – time for us to stop the progression of sickness & time to heal. It is not a 30 day miracle fix. Again, I am here to help anytime. Thank you.

      • nb

        thanks for the reply Dani. He is having steroids at the moment and the doctors have started reducing them. I will go through the testimonials as suggested.

        • dani

          I am so glad he is taking his health serious and eating a healthy diet as well as exercising. This will help his body fight the inflammation, keep his lung function up & help him keep a positive outlook as well.

  • Loby

    How can i buy this product?

    • dani

      Hello Loby, to buy any of the products you can go to you then choose which country you are ordering from, preferred customer and on the order page you will choose if you want a monthly auto purchase (you do not have to). If you don’t pick none and open up the age reversal tab then order Fucoydon, Eternity and/or Spectramaxx.

      Please remember that it is extremely important to give any lifestyle change 90 consecutive days. So you will want to reorder because these are 30 day supplies. I am here for questions and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Dani

  • Dan

    I was diagnosed with sarcoids on September 11, 2001. Never had any medications and only had prednisone when the first MD thought I had asthma. My sarcoids problem was focused on the junction of my bronchial tubes.

    Time healed me up just fine.

    I don’t understand why people need your products. Just wondering if I’m a special case or what. My diet isn’t the greatest, but I’ve somehow managed to avoid all of the inherited, family illnesses. Diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, and lung disease.

    Heck 2 years ago, my vision has nearly returned to perfect on my right eye. I had a neuroscience guy tell me that might be something to do with my HGH levels? Whatever that is, that could be affecting the eye sight.

    The positive thing I did inherit, is a youthful appearance. I’m in my mid-40’s and mistaken to be between 28 to 32.

    I’m open to discuss on the weekends and I left my email addy if you wish to go that route.

    • dani

      Thanks for posting Dan. As you know Sarcoidosis can flare up at any time as well as go away and never rear it’s ugly head again. Everyone is different and do consider yourself very blessed because this is not the case for many.

      Many people must make positive and healthy lifestyle changes just to manage the disease let alone have any hope of arresting it’s progression. That is what I help people do through education and information rather than medication, oxygen and surgery. Those who commit to the changes have positive results without dangerous side effects.

      I wish you continued health and thanks again for posting.

  • Elizabeth

    how do i get spectraMaxx eternity and fucoydon delivered to me in australia

    • dani

      Hello Elizabeth, I know I sent you an email but thought I would answer here as well. These supplements are now available in Australia and can simply be ordered by going to Choose Australia and then preferred customer. Then open the “age reversal” tab to order the liquid supplements. Thanks so much. Dani

  • sheri

    Could you tell me what diet changes are needed along with these supplements? Also was this all the supplements your husband took, or are there more?

    • dani

      Hello Sheri, this is all the supplements my husband takes. He still takes these 3 every day to maintain health and prevent any disease. He is in remission with no granulomas or scar tissue. This was confirmed in May 2012 through testing & scans. If you subscribe to my “7 Steps To Optimal Health” you get a very clear picture of the daily lifestyle we live and recommend, including diet. We do our best to eat non-processed foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, no dairy, no soy, we stay away from white sugars and eat meat as a side dish rather than the main dish. We get our eggs and beef from local, free range/grass fed farmers. Having said that…we are real people who enjoy the occasional pizza or ice cream…occasionally. For those with Sarcoidosis the absolute best diet would be a raw/vegan diet but having 2 sons in the house, Jack and I knew that would not be sustainable long term so we have done our best not to eat non-processed food stuffs and stick with the REAL food. I hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to email or call too. Thanks, Dani

  • Chantel

    I just found out that I may have SARC (am awaiting more test results)and because I prefer to do things with a more natural approach I found your site and wanted to know how much of all 3 products your husband is taking, how many servings are in each and overall cost per month you are spending? I hate to put a price tag on my health as I do EVERYTHING possible already to live a clean and healthful life with organic foods, limit processed foods and taking great supplements…but I’m a single self-employed mother and I am limited to what I can afford! :/

    • Dani Walker

      Hello Chantel, the 3 are $158+tax/shipping in the USA. They are a 30 days supply as you should take 1/2oz of Fucoydon morning and night & 3/4oz of Spectramaxx and Eternity in the morning. I understand your financial delima better than you know. Disease is extremely destructive and when Jack found these he started on Fucoydon and Spectramaxx for 3 months because we really could not afford more & after 3 months they worked so well that he then added Eternity. I have since built an income helping people take back their health as we have. I look forward to helping you do the same if you choose to.

  • Vanessa

    Hi I emailed you today but thought I’d write here as well. My husband has had sarcoidosis in his lungs for over 10years and tests has shown its in remission but he at times can’t breathe an has to litteraly sleep with the fan in his face. I am afraid of this disease and how he doesn’t do anything for it. We have chnged our diets, added vitamins and joined the gym. He has taken the prednisone but it just made him angry Nd he is afraid to stick to that and this is basically our last resort. He needs to be healthy and I want to help him do this. What exactly does his do for the lungs with this disease? How long will it take to show
    Some progress? What changes will I see in him?

    • Dani Walker

      Hello Venessa, thanks you for commenting. I have responded to your email as well but wanted to say that these supplements give the body what it needs to heal itself. Everyone feels improvement on their own time but most notice more energy and less pain within 30-45 days. Long term results could be that the body completely repairs all damage done from Sarcoidosis, as this has been my husband’s results. Much like getting sick, the healing takes place one cell at a time, so it is a process. I look forward to helping you both by offering some guidance and hope. Dani

  • Paul Desmark

    After research, what your really doing is promoting one companies products, the chemistry of which is found just as well in many normal freely available things like Grapes, Red Wine, Brown seaweed and cocoa. ie get yourself a blender and make vegetable smoothies with mixed fruits nuts and herbs and vegetables from a variety of sources. Nothing more. . Fulvic acid however is a no no in my book. Aside from that theres nothing new here. Just eat more fruit and veg and stick to it. Avoid fast food. Problem is most people dont do this and then complain when they contract disease. End of discussion. Paul BSc (Biochemistry)

    • Dani Walker

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to research and comment. If you subscribe to “7 Steps To Optimal Health” you will see that we recommend a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables. Offer green smoothie recipes and more. However there is a bit more science in these supplements than simply blending some fruits in a blender. We spent a year trying through diet with no result. In our experience an many others it is the therapeutic doses of actives extracted from fruits, plants, vegetable and herbs that make a physiological difference. Super saturated nutrition is key to arresting the progress and then giving our cells the ability to repair damage.

  • Amadeeke

    Hello Dani, Do you reduce the daily doses of supplements when the disease is in remission ?

    • Dani Walker

      Hello Amadeeke, Jack still takes 1/2 ounce a day (15ml) and will continue to do so. We all take this amount daily and use these supplements as part of our daily lifestyle to prevent disease. Just as you would take a vitamin or mineral supplement daily, you would take these the same way. That is really what they are for.

  • Kristi Falk

    Hi Dani,
    I have been dealing with sarcoid for nearly 5 years now and have recently started getting worse. I am currently taking just about anything and everything I can think of to reduce inflammation, detox, etc. I am taking the Soup products from Wei Labs. They worked amazingly well when I first startmed taking them, but now they don’t seem to work at all. I am interested in trying the products you recommend.

    • Dani Walker

      Hello Kristi, they are excellent and include more than 20 natural TNF-a inhibitors! These nutrients help stop the cytokine TNF-a from causing more granulomas etc. Healing takes time so be sure to stay consistent!

      • Ali

        Hi dani,

        I am suffering from sarcoidosis – it impacted my lungs but I didn’t have any breathing problems. It is diagnosed 2 years back and I didn’t take any steroids and antibiotics.
        Currently I have lymph nodes inflammation on my neck and I was thinking if your prescribed “circle of life” supplements can improve the condition.

        Moreover I am in South Africa – so pls suggest how to get the supply here ?

        Thanks and regards ,


        • Dani Walker

          Hello Ali, yes I think the supplements would be helpful but they are not available in South Africa. I wish they were. Please get a copy of my wellness series at It addressed natural remedies and lifestyle modification for those with Sarcoidosis specifically.

          If you can find a really good quality broad spectrum antioxidant supplement (one with whole foods from all colors of the rainbow) this will be beneficial and eat a gluten (wheat) free diet with lots of fruits and veggies.